Let me rephrase that. Lynn Westmoreland is a fucking idiot. The latest proof comes in the form of remarks he made to reporters in which he called Barack and Michelle Obama “uppity”. Yes, “uppity”.

Then later, through a spokesperson, Westmoreland tried to claim he didn’t know the word had racial connotations.

Westmoreland’s Democratic opponent Stephen Camp has issued a statement demanding Westmoreland apologize:

This afternoon, Lynn Westmoreland embarrassed the State of Georgia and voters in the Third District by calling Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and his wife Michelle ‘uppity’ at the Republican National Convention. Asked to clarify his comment, Westmoreland stood firmly by the reference. Such comments are wholly inappropriate and have no place in our nation‚Äôs political discourse. The fact that Westmoreland should well understand the hurtful connotations of his reference, particularly for his own Georgia constituents, makes his remark all the more troubling.

On behalf of the voters in the Third District of Georgia and all Georgians, I call upon Lynn Westmoreland to extend a personal apology to the Obamas and to his own constituents. Congressman Westmoreland has yet again embarrassed the Third District, and this time he has done so with a mean-spirited personal attack. If Westmoreland thinks that this behavior and language is appropriate for a member of Congress, we cannot bring change to Washington soon enough.

Voters of the Third District have it within their power to vote this moron out of office and replace him with a qualified Democrat. Enough is enough! This is Westmoreland’s “macaca” moment and it’s time for him to go.

Read more about Democrat Stephen Camp and make a donation to his campaign here.


8 Responses to Lynn Westmoreland is an idiot

  1. clm-atl says:

    As a resident of Georgia, I am embarassed by Congressman Westmoreland’s comment. His Congressional district is becoming more and more diverse each and every day.

    The Congressman is representing all of Georgia when ever he speaks to the media. He is a government employee. He can’t make off the cuff comments like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. I suggest that all Obama supporters in Georgia send a contribution to Stephen Camp.

  2. jac1975 says:

    From the AJC comments:

    By Chet Hayes

    September 5, 2008 1:58 PM | Link to this

    This morning I called Westmoreland’s office:

    Them: Good morning, Congressman Westmoreland’s office. Me: Good morning, I would like to make a public comment. Them: Yes, sir, what is your comment? Me: I would like to compliment Congressman Westmoreland on his comments yesterday about Barack Obama. We need more people like him to call a spade a spade. You crackers in Georgia must be very proud. Them: [long pause] Sir, there’s no need to be insulting. Me: I’m sorry, but how did I insult you? Them: There is no need to call me a cracker. Me: I’ve never heard that term used in a derogatory sense. It is important to note that the dictionary definition of “cracker” is “a thin, crisp biscuit.” That’s what we meant by cracker when we used it in the city where I grew up. Them: Well, that’s not how you meant it. Me: Oh, so what you’re saying is that you don’t like being called names. Now you know how it feels. Them: [another long pause] Sir, I have to take another call.

  3. RuralDem says:


    LOL thanks. I seem to be getting that a lot lately on here haha.

    Maybe my evilness is wearing off :(


  4. PaulaG says:

    Aw, RuralDem, I’m so proud of you! ;)

  5. RuralDem says:


    Now, I’m all for calling out something that sounds really petty and usually I think these “slip-ups” are simply taken the wrong way.

    However, this is in an entirely different category.

    If Westmoreland was not from the South, it might be somewhat excusable, ie: “I’ve never heard that term used in that manner”.

    Westmoreland, however, is a Southerner and a native Georgian, so there’s NO excuse for him using that term, especially in an interview.

    Whether it’s a Democrat, or even another Republican, Georgians deserve better.

  6. odinseye2k says:

    It’s the problem with running right up to the line and hoping that subliminal networks or pre-formed associations will do the work of stepping over. Sometimes you accidentally trip that switch yourself.

  7. jac1975 says:

    Since it’s obviously how he feels, Westmoreland should just own it. Of course he thinks the Obamas are “uppity”. The only place he wants to see someone who looks like Obama is in a waiter’s uniform at his country club.

  8. JerryT says:

    Maybe Westmoreland thinks one of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt not apologize”.