…check out the nonsense that passes for legislative action in Albany. A couple of Democrats teamed up with Republicans to force a leadership change and handed power to themselves. Governor Paterson is furious, not least because this probably doesn’t improve his popularity ratings. And as with everything these days, the final resolution of this power struggle will be in court.

It really makes our last legislative session seem… normal.


4 Responses to Wow, you think the Gold Dome is bad…

  1. Zaid says:

    Haha Terry McAullife got owned. Should take the rest of the DLC with him.

  2. Jules says:

    Albany has been bare knuckle for a long time, they have more grudge matches per house seat than a mafia reunion. This is why it’s easier for an out of towner to get elected to the US senate-since they come with a cleaner slate than the rest.

    It will be interesting to see what goes on, 2010 will be big year in NY.

    I think Patterson won’t last- and it will be a clown car for them.

  3. Zaid says:

    To be fair, Dems were cheering like mad when Specter went over in a really cynical move to save his own skin.

  4. And the two Dems aren’t switching parties or caucusing with the GOP and they are under criminal investigation.

    That deserves a hearty