blog_icon_dread.jpgFirst, Gov. Sanford takes his Christian “spiritual advisor” on a road trip to NYC so he can dump his soul mate. Which is beyond absurd because 1. Who takes a friend with them to dump someone? 2. Couldn’t Sanford and his spiritual advisor have had this conversation in SC instead of traveling to NYC? 3. Since Sanford obviously didn’t dump is soul mate during the NY trip, what did his “spiritual advisor” tell him – “oh yeah keep cheating on your wife cause your soul mate is much nicer”.

Seriously, this “spiritual advisor” really needs to have a talk with the Lord about his job description. Be warned the above link goes to the Christianity Today political blog.

Secondly, what the heck is up with the Christian fellowship that Sen. Jon Ensign needed to tell him that ruining 2 families was not a smart idea.

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn was part of a group of Washington-based intermediaries that confronted fellow Sen. John Ensign in an effort to convince him to end an extra-marital affair.

In an effort to try to end the affair, Hampton told Ralston he reached out to a group of “intermediaries involved in a Christian fellowship home in Washington, D.C.,” the Sun reported. The group “confronted Ensign and suggested that the Hamptons needed to be given financial assistance – in the millions of dollars – to pay off their $1 million-plus mortgage and move them to a new life away from Ensign,” according to the Sun’s report.

And did the really brilliant, Sen. Ensign end the affair – nah, the brilliant wizard continued the affair, gave pay raises to both his mistress and her husband (his staffer), got their son employed with the Republican Party and finally paid everyone off with a severance package of $25,000.

Do ya really need a group of Christians sitting around a living room to let you know that breaking your marriage vows are wrong; especially when your entire political career is based on saving “family values”? The Party of NO definitely says Yes when it comes to cheating on their wives while protesting that Obama and Democrats are destroying American families.


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  1. J.M. Prince says:

    More from the great Josh Marshall of TPM on ‘The Family’, also known as ‘The C Street Group’ (for the location of their Men’s only cloister like dormitory:

    I quote in full here;

    “Ensign’s Weirdest Moment

    07.10.09 — 12:32PM

    By Josh Marshall

    Yes, I know that’s pretty bold billing given the recent news out about Sen. Ensign (R-NV). But beyond all the salacious detail there’s a picture emerging of the man — who, remember, is a high-profile senator and had been considered a serious presidential candidate — that combines deeply manipulative traits with an almost childlike approach to those in authority around him.

    Ensign is a member of something called the C Street group, which is part of a highly secretive religious outfit called ‘The Family’. It’s a combo religious fellowship and Capitol Hill group home where a number of Republican members of Congress live. And it’s run by a guy named Doug Coe. (Because the comedy never stops, remember that Gov. Sanford too is a member of the C Street group/Family.) In one of the more surreal episodes in this whole drama, while folks from ‘The Family’, including Sen. Coburn (R-OK), were trying to get Ensign to end his relationship with the girlfriend and write her and her husband a big check.

    So Ensign agrees to do this. But the members of his fellowship had so little trust he could follow through that they had him write out a letter to the mistress that he was ending the relationship and then drove him to the local Fedex office to make sure he actually dropped the letter in the box. So he does that. But then after he shakes them loos he calls the mistress to tell her his friends made him write the letter and to ignore it.

    It makes having his parents pay the couple off sound far less out of character.

    And this was a man who was going to run for president.”

    Another po’ mouthed White evangelical hope shot to hell by thinking with the little head. Who knew the attrition would be so terrible? Secretive society & Cloisters? Men’s only Bible study for weeks at a time? Who could have predicted…

    TPM has many, many links imbeded in that one above, BTW. Follow it up. Tres Creepy! JMP

  2. J.M. Prince says:

    Yep, the highly secretive ‘Family’ of Washington, DC fame is deeply & Catholiclly creepy and has been so for decades. And I noted this in one of Tom’s earlier posts on Sanford here. Sen. Ensign’s giving Gov. Sanford a run for his money in the creepy but deeply & tragically funny adultery show. This from Josh Marshall’s

    “There’s a lot of salacious back and forth today about the Ensign scandal. But beneath the tabloid headlines there’s a critical question that needs to be asked:

    Which is more emasculating? Getting paid a hundred grand by the guy who screwed your wife? Or being a fifty-something United States senator and still needing mom and dad to cut the check to pay off your mistress and her husband?


    Yeah. Get the popcorn. This is mighty interesting nuclear hypocrite theater smack down territory. JMP

  3. Paula says:

    By the way, the Fellowship group referenced above was the subject of a very scary sounding book, and profiled on Fresh Air recently:

    Both Ensign and Sanford are associated with the group.