blog_icon_vote.jpgA few worth reading today, if you missed them:

The Morning Line – Atlanta Mayor’s Race, from GriftDrift

The Case for Kasim, from PeachPundit

ATL Mayoral Doings, from Galloway

Let a Lawyer Show You How It’s Done, from SaraWara

And here’s your handy voting info:

Early voting starts tomorrow, November 18, 2009, and runs through November 20, 2009. The hours of Early voting are 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Advance voting starts November 23, 2009, and runs through November 25, 2009. The hours of Advance voting are 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Find locations for Early and Advance voting in Fulton and Dekalb Counties here.

Election Day for the runoff is December 1, 2009. The hours of voting are 7:00am to 8:00pm. You can vote in the runoff even if you did not vote on November 3rd.

Ten runoff races will take place:

Atlanta Mayor, between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed

Atlanta City Council President, between Ceasar Mitchell and Clair Muller

Atlanta City Council District 6, between Liz Coyle and Alex Wan

Atlanta City Council Post 2 At Large, between Amir Farokhi and Aaron Watson

City of College Park, City Council Ward 4, between Charles E. Phillips Sr. and April Wright – Wyatt

City of East Point Mayor, between Joe Macon and Earnestine Pittman

East Point Council WA At-Large, between Greg Fann and Sharonda Hubbard

City of Roswell Mayor, between David Tolleson and Jere Wood

State House District 58, between Simone Bell and Asha F. Jackson

State Senate District 35, between Donzella James and Torrey O Johnson.


6 Responses to Mayoral race tidbits

  1. Mel says:

    The Tondee’s feed stopped, then I grabbed the updated feed, now it’s stopped again. Not sure what’s going on over there.

    Thanks for the link IRE.

  2. Tim says:

    I think their RSS feed stopped, not sure what happened there,

  3. BTW: I see you’ve removed Tondee’s Tavern from the blogroll. :(

  4. Mel says:

    Sorry IRE. I’ve searched AJC and GA SOS until I’m blue, and that’s the best I can do. If you have other links, please post.

  5. More runoffs than what is listed. I know Rusty Kidd is in one and there are a few other municipal races (and I believe a legislative) runoff in Georgia’s hinterlands.