Even though I’ve had nothing to drink?

If there’s anything left to say about the Election (or anything else), that you haven’t facebooked, tweeted, texted or IM’d, feel free to put it here.

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9 Responses to Why do I always feel hung over the day after an Election…

  1. Mel,

    Just wanted to share this link with you. It’s an election wrap from yest. that you’re mentioned in.


    What’s the process for getting on the blogroll? Please email me if you have a moment achannel(at)pba.org.


  2. JerryT says:

    Not a bad showing for Amir. 45% for a rookie going against an established opponent is pretty impressive.

  3. innerredneckexposed says:

    NONE and let me tell you something that is ABSOLUTE BULL SHIT.

    The turdmunches in the City of Atlanta have deemed it “appropriate and necessary” to not allow write ins in a run off election. WTF kind of BS is that?

    So when I saw that, as I told someone else, I didn’t vote for anyone.


  4. griftdrift says:

    The most important facet has yet to be revealed. How many IRE write ins were recorded.

  5. Jules says:

    Lance has written a great blog post about the Simone Bell campaign- read it here


  6. innerredneckexposed says:

    Well it actually still isn’t known for sure. Rusty Kidd (AFAIK) hasn’t said which party he’ll caucus with.

    Now, going to a much larger point, there is only one candidate running who really has the balls and ability to take Glenn, and the other GOPers to task in 2010. And his initials aren’t TB or DP.

  7. sndeak says:

    That makes it 17 net seat pickups needed in the house to regain control, right?

    Two steps forward with the net gain of 2 seats last fall, one step back this fall.

  8. innerredneckexposed says:

    And we’re one seat less in the House w00t w00t!

  9. J.M. Prince says:

    I dearly hope the results hold up and Reed’s finally declared the winner.

    I also hope that the AJC pic of Reed they’ve got up now does not become the de facto one they run with for the paper in the morn.