bushturky.jpgFor those of you who are fans of “Stupid Pet Tricks” on the Letterman show, I thought it would be fun to call this little blog space “Stupid Candidate Tricks”.

Our first contestant is World Wrestling Entertainment millionaire Linda McMahon (R), who is running for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut, owns a 47-foot sport yacht named “Sexy Bitch,” according to the Stamford Advocate. Ok, you clicked on that picture right…anyone think she’s sexy?

Two words… John Edwards

Which Georgia GOP candidate, with more campaign drama than an episode of The Jersey Shore, said this?

“We are here to empower and ignite the second Revolution for God-ordained, individual Life and Liberty here at home in Georgia. Your future and your liberty await”

If you guessed Ray McBerry, you’d be right.

Extra credit goes to the Carly Fiorina’s recent crazy video hit on Sen. Barbara Boxer called Hot Air the Movie.

You got examples? I’m sure we’d love to read them in the comments!


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  1. nicolette says:

    i like how McBerry claims to be patriotic and then uses the “our” spelling for behavior (behaviour). what kind of limey crap is that?!

  2. J.M. Prince says:

    On the Media, just for sh*ts & giggles: Via the CJR:


    “The annual State of the Media report by the Pew Research Center‚Äôs Project for Excellence in Journalism was released this morning. The report looks back on how every part of the media fared in 2009, including newspapers, magazines, network news, cable television, and online sites.

    It’s not the most uplifting bit of news about the news—but in a year that saw the most massive financial crisis since the Great Depression (on top of that whole broken business-model stuff), you already knew that.

    Here are some of the report’s more eye-popping numbers:

    1) To put all those tiny little papercuts into perspective; each round of newspaper layoffs, here and there, equals one big gushing head wound:

    We estimate that the newspaper industry has lost $1.6 billion in annual reporting and editing capacity since 2000, or roughly 30 percent, which leaves an extra $4.4 billion remaining. Even if the economy improves, we predict more cuts in 2010.”

    So essentially a loss of 30% in the last decade, and probably a cumulative 50% from the last 15 years or so. Certainly in the last 20. Look at a paper from the 1990’s. Then 1980’s. You’ll be stunned. It’s like a different world populated by different people. Democracy can not long survive w/o an informed & engaged citizenry. And here at the bottom of the heap? We wind up with the ‘Highlights’ version, at best. We’re still mostly entertaining ourselves to death.

    And then there’s this WTF moment too: Via Lapham’s Quarterly:

    “How the “Lively Arts” Became “the Media”:


    Yeah, reading. Whatever became of all that stuff way back there? JMP

  3. J.M. Prince says:

    It’s a joke. Here’s the ref:


    And you know? Overall that comes in a close 2nd to the typical questions I usually get. However, the take away winner is still, ‘You’re not still supporting that ‘so&so’ Obama, are you?’ But not all that unsual, and sometimes it takes some time in translation too. Hope you make it though. JMP

  4. innerredneckexposed says:

    WTF are you talking about?

  5. J.M. Prince says:

    And where the hell have you been IRE? Reading up on the all tabloids? Evidently from what little I’m able to understand, JRE was not too advanced in his thoughts there. So are you going to make the JJ so you might reenact a hissy fit for all your fans? Just wondering…


  6. innerredneckexposed says:

    My 69ft yacht is called Sexy Ride. The mast is huge. Anyway John Edwards also said “Falling in love with you could really fuck up my plans for becoming President.”


  7. J.M. Prince says:

    Yep, crazy & Rethuglican, it’s the Ga. way. Except it’s mostly that way now all over the US too. But we really need to shout that from the rooftops too. They be crazed berserkers hell bent on the destruction of the Republic that they’ve been sworn to ‘protect & preserve’. SSDD. Rinse & repeat.

    Me? I’ll blame the MS media for their hand in this. Everything is ‘balanced & fair’ as long as you vaguely & superficially present the 2 sides. The highly colorful & ever telegenic wacko crazies, vs the small band of ‘good government & technocratic’ Dems now occupying the place of the once & forever beleaguered Eisenhower Repug’s of yore, at best. The current HCR bill? Something RI’s late moderate Repug. Sen. John Chafee could & did produce some 15 years ago. That’s the political spectrum that we’ve been living with for decades now. Rationality & real political debates also ended literally decades ago.

    The wackos & the ruthless barbarians are not at the gates, they’re now running the show, and the MS media? Are always too bored or distracted or incompetent to notice much. But this is the way empires & republics end too. JMP

  8. gunner says:

    Does this really surprise anyone? This is what the Republican Tea Party has been saying for a while.”Hate your govt.” is pretty much the message they give. This guy isn’t crazy he is just a Republican. When he shares the stage with other GOP candidates remember that they all share the same values. This business about not respecting the American flag makes me want to vomit. I can show you over 700,000 veterans in Georgia what they think about this guys thoughts about the U.S. flag. But let’s remember this guy is a Republican. He comes from the same Republican Party that our current Gov. does You remember ol Sonny. The guy who closes War Veterans Hospitals in Milledgeville. Ladies and gentleman I give you Republican party.

  9. J.M. Prince says:

    Umm read it and wonder:


    I quote in part from this far out missive:

    [Via TPM]:


    GOP Gov Candidate Admits Refusing To Salute Flag — Denies Hitting On Campaign Manager, Sex With Underage Girls

    Zachary Roth | March 15, 2010, 12:22PM


    Ray McBerry, Republican candidate for governor of Georgia

    Read More

    Ray McBerry, Right-wing extremism, Sex

    A far-right Republican candidate for governor of Georgia has issued what must be one of the most counter-productive — and flat-out hilarious — denials in the history of modern political campaigning.

    On Saturday, Ray McBerry sent out a lengthy statement denying that he “attempted to have an affair” with his former campaign manager; had sexual relations with under-aged girls; stole custody of his son from the son’s mother (who, he noted, had tested positive for meth anyway); is no longer allowed to teach in the state; and is unpatriotic, just because he refuses to salute “the current federal flag which represents the present unconstitutional leviathan in Washington,” and instead salutes the flag of Georgia and the “original Betsy Ross American flag.”

    McBerry — who now works as a producer of radio and TV commercials, and is polling around 2 percent in the race — is the chair of the Georgia chapter of the League of the South, which describes itself as “a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic.” (You can watch McBerry explaining his view that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery here.) The group’s website is currently promoting McBerry’s candidacy. And McBerry’s own website declares: “NOT Atlanta, NOT Washington… but GEORGIA FIRST!”

    Some of the rumors to which McBerry was responding appear to come from an email entitled “Ray McBerry The Monster,” which was sent out recently by a woman claiming to be McBerry’s ex-wife, and was obtained by TPMmuckraker.

    In the email the woman writes:

    I have read what Ray has said about me, and how I left one day, out of the blue when our son was one year old, because I simply wished to no longer have the obligation of wife and mother. Let me first say, this is not true. I loved Ray McBerry with every bone in my body, and believed he felt the same way. I could have wished for no greater day than when I gave birth to his son. But not long after my son was born everything fell apart. A woman from our church came to me and expressed concern about Ray’s actions while in the presence of a young girl in our church. I had already seen this, and begged daily for him to reassure me that this was nothing. He told me I was being foolish and should not speak this way to him. Shortly after, the girls parents took Ray to court for disorderly conduct around a minor. At this time he was teaching at an alternative high school. Because his father was the Assistant DA, all charges were dropped. But, not before he was ordered to resign from his teaching position, and never to pursue the career again.

    Ray promised that if I ever got my life back together that he would let me be a part of my sons life and this was a lie. Above anything else I am a Georgian, and I do not wish that a man such as this lead my state.

    Neither McBerry nor the woman responded immediately to a request for comment.

    In December, McBerry fired his campaign manager, anti-abortion activist Jenny Hodges, saying that she was “preoccupied with efforts that promote life and liberty but are not, in my judgment, the best use of her time and energy in running our campaign as campaign manager.” (Hodges herself explained it at the time by saying, “the product which I had signed on to sell no longer existed.”) Hodges, a conservative Christian, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    An aide to a rival gubernatorial campaign told TPMmuckraker he had seen McBerry decline to salute the American flag at candidate debates and forums. “He literally steps back … a foot or so,” the aide explained.

    The front-runners for the GOP nomination are State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, former Secretary of State Karen Handel, and Rep. Nathan Deal”.

    Amazing. Really. JMP