I bring you a good poll for your morning.

Rasmussen (I know I know) says our one candidate for Governor, Roy Barnes, trails the top three Republicans, with a MOE of +/- 4.5% (!).


  • Oxendine 43 Roy 39
  • Deal 47 Roy 40
  • Karen 42 Roy 39
  • Roy 42 Eric 38

First, there is no way Ox and Deal’s numbers will stay that high with all their ethical problems. Second, I think Karen will be the GOP nominee. So that Roy is polling this well against her is good news IMO.

If we could get a poll of the primaries we’d see Roy will win by double digits. I’m now convinced we have enough delusional candidates that that will force the most unnecessary runoff ever. The race is done. People need to drop out.

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