The Georgia Associations of Educators today released their endorsements for statewide candidates in the upcoming primary.

I found some surprises in the release. No endorsement for Governor:

The surprise to many people may be that GAE did not endorse anyone in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.“All of them had their individual strengths as to what they could bring to public education,” said Hubbard. “At the end of our interviews, the committee felt that there was no one consensus candidate. This was probably the strongest group of candidates we’ve interviewed with regard to their clear priorities on how they wanted to improve public education. It was concluded that all of them could be effective advocates for Georgia’s children and public education. The Democratic electorate has strong choices as to who they want to represent them in the general election.”

Here is their list of endorsements.  Puzzling.  They’ve gone to the trouble to note that in two races multiple candidates meet the desired qualifications while, in other races they omit candidates.  Coleman, Farokhi,  Moore, Powell, & Westlake must be wondering what they did wrong!

  • Gubernatorial Primaries – no endorsement
  • Lt. Governor – Carol Porter (D)
  • State Superintendent of Schools – Joe Martin (D)
  • Secretary of State – Gail Buckner (D), Michael Mills (D), Gary Horlacher (D),
    Georgeanna Sinkfield (D) (Acceptable)*
  • Labor Commissioner – Darryl Hicks (D)
  • Insurance Commissioner – Mary Squires (D)
  • Attorney General – Rob Teilhet (D), Ken Hodges (D) (Acceptable)*
  • Agriculture Secretary – None
    *More than one candidate met the desired qualifications of the association for the position sought.

6 Responses to GAE Releases Endorsements

  1. Tim Cairl says:

    They picked Martin?….the guy who didn’t want their endorsement to begin with? At least Beth & Brian are in the school system.

    Geez, I’m making a donation to Brian Westlake today.

  2. sndeak says:

    I voted for Westlake but would have been ok if they would have endorsed either Brian or Beth.

  3. Gunner says:

    Martin once said that is was a “Badge of Honor” not to be endorsed by GAE.

    *disclaimer* I’m with Westlake.

  4. sndeak says:

    Joe Martin… Really? What a freakin’ joke. They select acceptable candidates in other races but not School Super? Nobody for Gov?

    Why bother…

  5. Ed says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ JB Powell not getting the nod even though he is unopposed.

    • Jules says:

      Maybe they didn’t have a way to contact him, since as of right now the only way to find him is through the capitol email, which he really ought not be using for campaign activities.. He still to my knowledge hasn’t set up a website, and the Facebook thing is a joke.