Well, at least semi-classy. White wine instead of say, body shots, while he’s running around and partying. From TNR:

He drank white wine and light beer [at a party for Duke public policy students], according to multiple attendees. After a while, Edwards made his way to the dance floor. “He was kind of uncomfortably dancing,” Jentgen says. “He was just happy to be with people who weren’t going to judge him.” Edwards cut loose, dancing to everything from salsa to Wreckx-n-Effect’s 1992 rap hit “Rump Shaker.”

Also, he has a Kindle.

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3 Responses to John Edwards: Keepin’ it classy

  1. Jason says:

    I love how the article says he is not keeping a low profile, but then goes on to describe what he is doing with his time. It’s about as low-profile as you can get.

  2. Jen B. says:

    College party that featured white wine and light beer? Only at Duke.