Winner to face Republican Johnny Isakson in November. Totally unscientific, yada yada.

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5 Responses to US Senate Poll

  1. JMPrince says:

    He meant to say that ‘Though she’s a complete nutcase, we can make it appear less noticeable to the media, by having her avoid all further interviews with anyone but Fox’. That’s now SOP for them, but especially for the ‘newer’ teabagger candidates, Rand Paul included. JMP

  2. Andy says:

    Here’s a little tidbit from our Senator, Johnny Issacson (R – Georgia) during his meeting with Nevada GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle.

    Republicans, who heard Angle’s presentation were, to a letter, impressed. “She said she won, she needed money, and wanted to be a part of the team and was glad to be here today,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-GA, who said Ensign also showed a recent Rasmussen poll showing Angle up 11 points against Reid. “She did a good job. She’s an articulate lady…This was an introduction. It wasn’t the kind of speech you would give to the unwashed back home, she was talking to her colleagues,” Isakson recounted.

    It’s nice to know what Johnny thinks of his “unwashed” constituents.

  3. Rubyduby says:

    Rakeim got one more real live vote today. As did Mary! A Michael did get a circle beside his name filled in but that would be in the SOS category. I love it when it only takes about 45 seconds to fill out my ballot.

  4. JerryT says:

    (What’s a guy gotta do to get an open thread around here?)
    Since I’ve been cruising the back alleys and mean streets of the South Carolina blogosphere lately, I find that our friends over at Indigo Journal have a great mug for sale. Apparently a state legislator tweeted to them:

    “Why don’t you go back to wring your communist-loving, baby killer, homosexual loving blogs?”

    Mug: $11.99
    Shipping: $5.25
    Peek into Whackotopia: Priceless