Yes, the primary is days away, and soon after we’ll all be focused on the November races. But, today, Georgia’s WIN List is looking ahead to 2012, training women who live in trending districts where no candidate is running this cycle as well as training women who are running this cycle. We all know that candidates who get into races early have a huge advantage, so instead of waiting for them to come to us, we are finding great potential candidates, getting the the training they need and encouraging them to make a commitment to run 18-20 months before the next election. Sometimes, to go from red to blue, you have to walk and chew gum at the same time.  Thanks to the DPG, the House Democratic Caucus, our donors who helped us make this training available at no cost to the participants and, especially, Robert Jones, who is on loan from Annie’s List, for helping us today.  We have a great group of women today. We have a plan to take Georgia back, and we need your help to make it happen. I hope you’ll invest in helping us do these trainings in trending districts all over Georgia! Below is a pic.

5 Responses to 2012 Anyone?

  1. MouthoftheSouth says:

    Dang. That would have been a sweet invite.

  2. Tim Cairl says:

    The Democratic Party has weekend trainings tomorrow in Macon and a later one in Savannah!

  3. From the Burbs says:

    I wish this had been scheduled for a Saturday!

  4. Bernita says:

    cause Amy is a ROCK STAR!!

  5. Tim Cairl says:

    I’m lucky enough to sit in on a couple of the trainings today, and can personally attest to the women candidates & staffers at the training. They totally kick ass,