Dear Teilhet Supporters: If we’ve ripped on Hodges supporters’ emails all day, now is the time to send out a polished email. Below the fold is an email I received a few moments ago. Note the mismatched font, mismatched colors, the use of “the democrat party” and its lack of capitalization.


7 Responses to More AG Email!

  1. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I like how we feel the need to equate things that are very different. Someone you know sends you an email telling you how he feels, and that’s the same as a fake email with grammatical errors and false allegations.

    However, our goal of what, neutrality?, leads us to compare. reminds of the media under Bush.

    • Jen B. says:

      First, I don’t know Tim. I assumed he some member of the campaign because it was a forward of one of Teilhet’s emails with this message at the top. I’m not sure whether I received this email because of this blog or because I’m on some sort of Democratic email list.

      Second, I never equated the emails as similar in nature.

      Look, I realize you’re one of Teilhet’s personal friends and you’ve made it your mission to attack anyone here who attacks Teilhet in any shape or form, but really.. if you can’t find the humor in making fun of his email (particularly in light of me calling Bernita out earlier in the day for using “democrat” party), then maybe you need to take a step back.

      Also, we need a new rule, similar to Godwin’s Law, for when George W. Bush is brought up.

  2. Tony says:

    Don’t respond! Timothy’s e-mail sounds like it was written by a 419 Scammer.

    Maybe by tomorrow the messages will start looking like this:

    Dear Sir, SEEKING YOUR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Please permit me to make your acquaintance in so informal a manner. This is necessitated by my urgent need to reach a dependable and trust wordy partner. This request may seem strange and unsolicited but I will crave your indulgence and pray that you view it seriously. My name is. DAN PATRICK of the Democratic Republic of CongoParty and One of the close aides to the former President of the Democratic Republic of Congo LAURENT KABILA of blessed memoryAmbassador ANDREW YOUNG. Due to the campaign of LAURENT KABILAKEN HODGES to force out the rebels in my countrybe a bad prosecutor and a liar, I and some of my colleagues are voting for the honorable ROB TEILHET.

  3. Juliana says:

    Well, at least his name is spelled correctly.

  4. Mel says:

    PS. It’s worth noting here that Tim is an actual Teilhet supporter.

  5. Mel says:

    I love it that this came from Tim, who is not on facebook. I’ve tried, but he won’t budge.

  6. JMPrince says:

    We’re clearly the bottom of the food chain in political communications. Behold the genius of the sea slugs… JMP