Mark Taylor Endorses Ken Hodges, full release here and below the fold.

For almost 15 years I have been proud to support Ken Hodges in his public service.  In this time he has had a phenomenal track record of success. He has led locally, as my hometown’s District Attorney, and across Georgia as a very effective President of the District Attorney’s Association.

If you are a voter looking for a proven track record of concrete accomplishment, I urge you to review Ken’s record. In Southwest Georgia we know this record well and are so appreciative for all he has done for us.

Before Ken, our DA’s office did not function and our community had lost confidence in our judicial system. Within weeks of his election Ken Hodges solved that problem.  He took the tough cases himself, he went to court personally and won again and again.

He built a great team in the DA’s office.  Professionals wanted to work in that office because Ken is a dynamic, inspirational leader. Ken and his team fought for victims and made our community safe again.

Every Albanian, rich and poor, black and white, respected Ken Hodges, respected the office of District Attorney and trusted the judicial system. We always knew that Ken would follow the law, do the right thing and always make us proud.

Ken is ready for the very important job of Attorney General.  In this role he will often be seen as a spokesman for and a defender of our state’s values and culture. The eyes of the state and nation will often be on him. Our state will be judged based on his performance. Like he did in Albany I know he will make Georgia proud.

On Tuesday, a hard fought campaign will come to an end. My beloved Georgia must choose between two talented young men who I know well and who I greatly admire. Their futures are unlimited and I thank them both for their previous public service and for their willingness to put themselves in the brutal, thankless arena of a statewide campaign.

I urge your vote, prayers, and support for my friend and neighbor Ken Hodges–a good man who will do a great job for Georgia.

Thank you,

Mark Taylor


5 Responses to Big Guy for Ken

  1. JMPrince says:

    Yes, still a good get, no matter the outcome. JMP

  2. Chris says:

    A classy endorsement.

  3. Madelyn Clare says:

    I love Mark Taylor, too, but will be voting for Rob.

  4. Melb says:

    I love Mark Taylor. Happy he is supporting Hodges 🙂