So our good soldier, Chuck Pardue, has stepped in to attempt to save a long-time Democratic State Senate Seat. After He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named emptied this seat with a hand-picked Democrat to succeed him, things looked rosy. Until they turned to poop. Turns out the hand-picked successor didn’t live in the cocka-doody district.

Enter Chuck Pardue, who steps up to bat and decides to attempt to put some integrity back into this mess by qualifying and running as an Independent who will caucus with the Democrats. Yesterday, Chuck turned in almost twice as many signatures as needed after receiving considerable support from Labor, the Democratic Party and other state and local organizations trying to keep the Democratic choice on the Ballot. (Note that the Senate Caucus hasn’t been seen or heard from in all this mess) Link and Link

Press release from DPG is below the fold.

Contact: Eric Gray

Communications Director

Democratic Party of Georgia

(678) 278-2108

Chuck Pardue Qualifies for State Senate District 23

Atlanta GATuesday, Independent Chuck Pardue delivered nearly 7,000 signatures in his bid to run for State Senate District 23.

“Chuck Pardue’s business acumen and commitment to public service will enable him to make excellent contributions to the development of common sense legislation in the State Senate,” said Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown. “Chuck’s commitment to addressing issues that affect rural communities is very similar to his predecessor, Senator J. B. Powell.”

Pardue’s candidacy follows the leadership of conservative Democrat J.B. Powell, who resigned his Senate seat to become the unopposed Democratic nominee for Agriculture Commissioner. Pardue is facing a Republican at the ballot box.

Pardue’s commitment to the armed services is lifelong. He is an Army veteran and specializes in military disability as an attorney. His son, John, follows in his father’s footsteps, serving as a medic in the 101st airborne in Afghanistan. He was wounded a week ago in an insurgent attack.

“As the father of a wounded warrior, I am sure he will stand with me on issues like opposing the closing of the Domiciliary for veterans in Milledgeville,” said Brown.

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  1. Gunner says:

    The Senate Caucus did help out by donating a nice size of money to help with the effort.