The Day After Open Thread.

Georgia Secretary of State Election Results.

Congratulations Team Barnes,  Team Porter, Team Hodges for decisive wins!

Congratulations to Georganna Sinkfield for coming up from behind (thanks to Metro voters).  Get ready for the runoff between Gail Buckner & Georganna Sinkfield.

Looks like we may have a recount in the Commisioner of Labor race on the Democratic side.

Congratulations to Vincent Fort & Rashad Taylor on their wins, too!

On a personal note:  thank you Fulton County voters.  I was re-elected to the Fulton County Democratic Committee!

What’s on your mind this morning?


51 Responses to Congratulations Democrats!

  1. siri says:

    AJC’s elections results page is reporting Horacena Tate won her primary with 100% of the vote, while I can think of at least two people who voted for her opponent.

    • JerryT says:

      The SoS page shows 0 votes for Adams.
      Too bad there are no actual ballots to go back and look at.

      My developing theory is that some people like not having paper ballots because paper ballots are “messy”. You can count paper ballots ten times and get ten different results because you might lose one, or accidentally count one twice, or smudge one or whatever.
      They know the machines might not be accurate, but they are consistent. The original result will never change. It can’t. And that is, in a way, very satisfying. It gives the illusion of order and control.

      • Jen B. says:

        That’s crazy. There’s no way Adams didn’t receive a single vote. Surely, Adams voted for himself.

        • siri says:

          Well my household contributed two more votes his way. While I’m sure Tate took a sizable majority, the SOS needs to post something close to legitimate with regards to the results.

    • When the early returns were coming in on the Fulton Elections page Mr Adams wasn’t even listed. I also noticed that Jerry and my vote counts went up and down during the evening. It was all a little odd.

  2. Ed says:

    16 hundred or so people voted for me. Kind of weird and awesome at the same time.

  3. Mel says:

    I think I owe Chris a beer. Poor RJ tanked.

  4. Sara says:

    Can we vote in the Republican runoff if we voted in the Dem primary? I’d love to cast votes for Deal and Olens if I can.

  5. Jason says:

    Think Coleman will call for recount? The machines should pop out the same numbers. Only mail in ballots could conceivably change.

    • Bernita says:

      well I hope for the sake of “Party Unity” he doesn’t ask for a recall.

      • Branden says:

        I am sure if Coleman won by that small of a margin Hicks would call for a recount. Come on now. : ) I agree with you though Bernita we need some party unity. I for one am excited about some of our chances in November. But for some reason I just can’t get on the Barnes bandwagon. Maybe it will change. We’ll see. I still think we had a really good chance with Poythress. I had three very conservative voters msg me on facebook today saying that is Poythress would have won they would have voted for him. They, like many conservative voters in our state, do not like “Atlanta Politicians.”

        • Bernita says:

          well the conservative voters sure proved that theory wrong since they voted for Ms. Atlanta politician herself, Karen Handel. Look at how many counties outside Metro Atlanta that Handel won –

          • Branden says:

            She won because she is a woman. I am just saying listen to someone that doesn’t live in Atlanta and is around people not from Atlanta or around politicos all the time.

            • Keith says:

              I’m from outside of Atlanta. I’m down in Valdosta with friends and family all over SW GA. I say it is all about name recognition. If you promote the outside Atlanta mentality, then you might get somewhere but otherwise average voters just vote and I don’t think we’ll ever understand how they decide (McCracken and Joe Martin come to mind). I think the Palin endorsement seriously helped her in rural GA. Unfortunately, most of the people I know down here are conservative and they didn’t know who they were voting for until the last minute. On the Dem side, look at DuBose. He went all over the state telling people he was from outside Atlanta and Barnes still pulled impressive numbers from all over.

              My theory on the McCracken and Martin races is ballot placement. Martin was choice “B” and after talking with people around VSU, they say if they don’t know who to vote for they will usually pick B in a three person race. That gives me hope – I’m “B” in the city council race in November.

        • I call BS on that, Branden. If conservatives liked Poythress so much, and don’t like “Atlanta Politicians” why didn’t these conservatives crossover and vote for Poythress? Beside, Poythress is no conservative. The GOP machine would have made sure we knew that before November.

          • Branden says:

            Because you can’t pull a Democratic and Republican card when you vote, DUH! There not going to forfeit their right to vote for other Republicans. Do you think they would really give up their chance to vote for Austin Scott and Mike Keown? And I haven’t said that Conservatives love him “so much.” I have said that he would have a better chance of beating a Republican and that a few voters have messaged me on facebook saying that if he would have won the primary they would have considered voting for him. That is not “BS.” Geez

            • I’m sorry, Branden. A little over-zealous here.

              I am so tired of the “Democrats need to run more conservative candidates to win” speech, and then we rarely win when we do it.

              But, I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.

              • Branden says:

                Oh it’s fine! I need some spirited conversation. Being in southwest Georgia away from you all I really don’t get much political talk! Well, political talk that I want to take part in. xoxoxo

                • Jason says:

                  I think you always get those kinds of messages. At the Teilhet fundraiser at the comedy club (which I loved…anything but another Stand and Chat event), there were a LOT of GOP bumper stickers in the parking lot. At least in the metro area, you could make the same argument, that had Teilhet won, we could have stolen some Sam O people. But I doubt it. If you’re a primary voter, you’re largely going to stick with your party in the end. There may exceptions, but not enough to matter much.

                  I think we have a good ticket for November. I hope you’ll vote for Barnes, even if you can’t get too excited about him Branden 🙂 He’s all that stands between us and being raped, pillaged, and beaten by the GOP in redistricting. He’s saying the right things too… we’ll just have to see how it develops. GA 2010 is different than GA 2002. We’ll find out how different.

                  One thing I like about Hodges’ win is that it does add more geographic balance to the ticket. For those reminders that the “Other GA” hates Atlanta politicians, that feeling didn’t help us much when we nominated some guy from Albany in 2006, now did it? Some “Atlanta liberal” got more votes in the Lt Gov race that year than did the “South GA conservative Dem”. We can’t so easily boil down things.

                  I kinda hope Casey Cagle goes after Carol Porter, tries to rough her up. Cause it will back-fire. Carol comes across as sweet as pie, so typical GOP tactics shouldn’t work. I also understand from my straight male friends that she has major MILF appeal. LOL

                  • Branden says:

                    Jason, thank for asking me to support Barnes. You are actually only the second person that has asked me to support him. : ) I will get behind him.

                    • Melb says:

                      Hodges has a lot of cross party support. I think that he will be pulling people from both parties in November.

  6. Bernita says:

    Looks like all the votes are in – Hicks wins with 478 votes. Coleman can call for a recount if he chooses.

  7. BEZERKO says:

    Oh, how does Patricia McCracken get 30% while R.J. gets, what, 16%? No justice there.

    • Name recognition (Thurmond) and alphabetical placement explain much of this.

      • Jen B. says:

        I was thinking a lot of people voted for McCracken because she’s not DuBose Porter’s wife. As in, I’m not voting for DuBose, so why would I vote for his wife?

      • BEZERKO says:

        I understand the name id and placement. Oh well, just 85% seemed a bit high. It’s all good though, R.J. traveled all over the state and made a lot of contacts, it should help him in the future. I’m sure we’ll see him at it again.

  8. BEZERKO says:

    Way to go Jerry!

  9. JMPrince says:

    I’ve got little idea of the revenge vote, (I know it happens though), but Bill Bolton getting damn near 1% of the vote will make him all the more insufferable, most likely. Just more encouragement for the next run at something! JMP

  10. Bernita says:

    Hicks is only up by 479 votes now….uggghhhh this Labor race is dragging on forever.

  11. Jen B. says:

    Also, may I suggest signing up for Gravatars?

    That way, your specially chosen icon will show up next your name. I think Jason should use this photo.

  12. Jason says:

    You know, it does seem that Mad Dog is on a bit of a losing streak. Perhaps the brass-knuckles tactics they are famous for have run their course (please, God!)?

    Congrats to Hodges for cleaning Teilhet’s clock. I feel badly for Rob, but hopefully this won’t be the last we hear from him. I’m disappointed that Joe Martin, without campaigning a lick, could win his race without a run-off. That Superintendent’s race along with SOS (AGAIN!) disappointed me tremendously. Mike Mills deserved much better than the final showing he got.

    On the gay revenge front, I’m EXTREMELY pleased that Randall Mangham came in DEAD LAST in the Governor’s race, even behind that nut job Bill Bolton! Randall was one of our enemies in the Amendment 1 fight in 2004. And speaking of Amendment 1, the man SINGULARLY responsible for that amendment appearing on the ballot (instead of allowing Calvin Smyre to smother it to death in Rules), former Speaker Terry Coleman, LOST the Labor Commissioner’s race to Darryl Hicks. Karma (and payback) is a bitch, fellas. It may have taken 6 years, but it warms my gay heart to help shank both of you.

    • Jen B. says:

      That Superintendent’s race along with SOS (AGAIN!) disappointed me tremendously.


    • Daniel F. says:

      I generally second absolutely everything Jason said…although I’m less in love with Mike as many others here seem to be. Nothing against him, other than he couldnt raise a dime to save his mother’s life. He is another candidate that I hope sticks around and perhaps tries to work his way through the elected ranks a bit more in the future. a la Scott Holcomb in HD82. (Yet another young progressive from DeKalb county to hopefully soon replace a not-worth-much older rep.)

      Add Elena Parent in HD81 to the mix and we’ll have a really refreshing new bench coming out DeKalb… whatever happens in November, we’re making some great tweaks locally.

      • Jason says:

        Oh, yeah, Elena Parent is VERY exciting as a candidate too! She’s the most prepared to meet the slimefest that is Jill Chambers.

        The Atlanta Stonewall Democrats had a pretty good night too! Here’s how our endorsements went:

        SOS – Mills (LOST)
        AG – Teilhet (LOST)
        Fulton Commission 6 – Garner (Run-off)
        Senate 39 – Fort (WIN! – 67.7%)
        Senate 44 – Davenport (WIN! – 60.3% in 3 person race)
        House 14 – Ledford (WIN! – 51.8% or 39 votes)
        House 33 – Wilkerson (WIN! – 52.3%, unseating incumbent.. No GOP opposition!)
        House 39 – Morgan (WIN! – 73.4%)
        House 44 – Jones (WIN! – 82.5%)
        House 55 – Taylor (WIN! – 56.1%)
        House 65 – Snead (LOST)
        House 75 – Neal (Run-off)
        House 80 – Murray (WIN! – 68.4%, Smash Jacobs to a pulp Sandy!!!)
        House 88 – Mitchell (WIN! – 72.4%)
        House 94 – All 4 were great on LGBT issues. Not sure if Board will reconsider an endorsement for the run-off.
        House 96 – Marin (WIN! – 52.3% or 31 votes)

        Counting Run-offs as “wins” for now, Stonewall Democrats endorsed candidates went 12-3 last night! That’s AWESOME, especially in those close races. Even if both run-off endorsements lose, the record would be 12-5.

  13. Daniel F. says:

    In HD94 Dar’shun Kendrick leads the way into the run off with a little over 1/3 of the vote in a four way race. She’ll be a great replacement of Mangham…everyone should please drop her a little coin and perhaps a few hours of volunteer time.

    Personally, I’ll be happy watching some of the local and CD run offs as well as the GOP’s statewide races, for the next few weeks. And while I wish a few of our races had ended differently, I’m glad to see that we wont be beating up on one another very much longer. Ultimately, I am my usual proud self of my super liberal Decatur precincts…we’ve got some crazies, but we always vote the right way.

    Congrats to our outright winners! …time for some new bumper stickers.

    • Melb says:

      Daniel, I hope you are directing that comment at Shannon – we need new bumper stickers badly!!! 🙂

    • parker404 says:

      Thanks for the tip about Dar’shun Kendrick. She appears to be a solid candidate.

      • Jason says:

        Dar’shun Kendrick would be a FANTASTIC addition to our House delegation! She’s an improvement in so many ways over Mangham. She’s been working her district too, which the results show. We should all support her!

  14. Jen B. says:

    I seriously cannot believe Joe Martin won without a run-off. WHY?

    • PaulaG says:

      Well all I know is that he sent us about 4 million (conservative estimate) mailers, plus another 2 million drop-off pieces.

      • Jen B. says:

        True. I received at least two or three mailers.

        • Juliana says:

          I got 2 from Martin and one from Georgianna Sinkfield. No one else “targeted” me with mail..

      • Rubyduby says:

        We didn’t get one piece of mail from him. I guess he must have done a very targeted (i.e. ITP – very blue areas) mailing.

        • Jen B. says:

          Hm. My precinct is 50/50 Republican/Democratic ballots (just checked online), so I think it might have been targeted to likely Democratic voters. But if you’re going to do that, then why not do it statewide?

  15. Trevor Southerland says:

    That Labor Commissioner race is close, close, close… Joe Martin wins without a run-off… and David Wilkerson will replace Don Wix in State House 33.