Help Russell Edwards become a DFA All-Star. By clicking a few keystrokes, Russell can obtain the much needed funds to beat dumbass (and not really a good doctor) Paul Broun in the 10th Congressional District. Vote now – the contest ends this Sunday!

From Russell Edwards:

Hi Georgia Democrats!

My name is Russell Edwards, and I’m the Democratic Nominee running against Paul Broun, Jr. in GA’s 10th Congressional District. I’m a Georgia native, former school teacher and graduate of UGA Law.

We have built great momentum to run an aggressive campaign against this incumbent who is an utter embarrassment. We raised over 100k in our first quarter fundraising and have activated hundreds of volunteers districtwide.

Now, our campaign is a finalist in the nationwide online contest to win Democracy for America’s endorsement! It would be great for Georgia if won and would bring up to 50k in contributions along with hundreds of outside volunteer hours.

Please take a moment to vote for us online here:

Together, we can defeat Paul Broun, Jr. and send responsible representation to Congress. We need someone who will fight to create jobs and support our schools.

Thanks for all that you do,



4 Responses to Contribute to a GA Democrat without spending a dime

  1. Madelyn Clare says:

    Thank you! Anyone else had a chance to do this yet? Time is running out!

  2. Tim says:


  3. Gunner says:

    Just voted! It’s really easy to do (just like the humpty dance). All you have to do is click on this link:

    That was the nice way of saying, “Go and do this now!”

  4. Madelyn Clare says:

    Fantastic post, thank you Bernita! Everyone over here is very excited about Russell Edwards.

    He is raising money (can always use more!) and if you’ll check out the last campaign finance reports, you’ll see; he’s not taking PAC money, or money from big business. His support has come from hundreds of individuals. He has a great staff, and many, many volunteers who have plugged in to phone call, canvass, and help him in any way we can. (yes, I am one!)

    Please take a second (it really is fast!) to support Russell by clicking through to the DFA site, and if you have more than one email addy, vote from those addy’s too.

    Thank you!

    Madelyn Clare