Both Teilhet and Hodges need to back up off Ambassador Andy Young. Ya’ll are all up on him like he’s a stripper on the last clean pole. Let the man rest.

So, Atlanta Unfiltered has uncovered the following quote from Andy Young:

Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young confirmed just now that he supports both Ken Hodges and Rob Teilhet to be Georgia’s next attorney general.

“I plead guilty,” Young said in a phone interview.

Teilhet, whose campaign received a $200 check from Young in May, this week accused Hodges of lying about receiving an endorsement from the former U.N. endorsement.

Young said he had already expressed his support for Hodges when he met with Teilhet, who impressed him with his thoughtfulness. “I said, ‘I’ve already endorsed Hodges. What I’ll do to balance it is give you a check.’” he said.

So, does Young have a problem with Hodges claiming his endorsement?
“I think he has that right,” Young said. “I would not complain about that.”

Leave Andy alone! This is starting to turn into senior citizen abuse.


9 Responses to Dem AG candidates: Leave Andy Young alone

  1. Steve Golden says:

    I posted this on GALiberal, but I’ll say it here.

    Let’s all just stop. Blah blah Ken Hodges blah blah Rob Teilhet. We all know who each other is supporting, and we all know that the other candidate can go flark himself. We get it.

    We’ve heard all of the arguments from both sides, and we’ve responded. Nobody’s opinion is changing.

    So, let’s all get a life and enjoy the weekend. Someone should.

  2. Sid Cottingham says:

    I concur with the first comment, Mel’s first “Thank you.” This race is not about Andrew Young. It is about the candidates.

  3. Daniel F. says:

    wait wait, lets give time for Stefan to come in with the official campaign response to this. So…Stefan…what’s Rob say?

    sigh. what is more annoying is that we’ve had trolls come out to become front page posters. its campaign season, and the trolls come out to comment, fine. but seriously…if you’re going to have front page posting ability, stop being a damn tool.

    do we need to start a special fund to promote front page postings about anything but the AG race?

    thank you, catherine, for trying. and thank you, nita, for at least bringing humor to it. 🙂

    (its just sad when things get so bad that i’m relegated to the crochety old man in the room)

    • Stefan says:


      I like Rob and support him in this race, but unlike the other people posting here, members of my immediate family do not work for the candidate. In fact, I have no financial incentive at all for my opinions. I responded to this matter on another post. Go read it if you are so inclined.

      The vast majority of what I post here is not regarding the AG race.

      I have no idea what Rob’s position on any of this is. I can tell you what my response is and that is all.

      In summary, you called me a “tool” and a “troll”. Your peeps have called the candidate I support “filthy” and “dirty”.

      Have a good weekend, and thank you for bringing your voice to the blog.

      • Melb says:

        That what’s happen when you roll in mud and call the death of this woman’s son a “slam dunk” for the Teilhet campaign – he really cares – you can tell.

  4. Joe says:

    I think blogfordemocracy is missing the real story here. Hodges said he had an Andrew Young endorsement which he did, and still does. He didn’t go around bugging Andrew Young about it, he just held his own on it. Meanwhile, Andrew Young says he told Teilhet he had endorsed Ken, but Teilhet starts running around like a child because he got a check trying to make it look like Andrew Young didn’t endorse Ken and calling Ken a liar. I’m proud of Ken for sticking to his guns and letting the truth come out on this. Teilhet needs to apologize at the debate on Sunday for calling Ken a liar when Andy Young says Teilhet knew the truth.

  5. Skyler Akins says:


  6. Melb says:

    Thank you.