I put an offer out to several candidates to give me the top 5 reasons folks should vote for them.

Dr. Beth Farokhi, is running Tuesday, July 20th in the Democratic Primary for State School Superintendent. Her response is below.

1) Beth’s educational experience is unparalleled.
Our state’s public schools need strong leadership ready to lead from Day 1. No other candidate for State School Superintendent is as grounded in education as Beth. Beth’s career in education has stretched over three decades, from a public school teacher to university administrator at Georgia State University. Beth has the know-how to transform our schools to work for our children, our teachers, and our state.

2) Beth will emphasize that our children learn critical thinking skills before testing skills. Beth understands that over-testing is paralyzing our students and teachers and not leaving students with the skills needed to excel in a competitive global economy. Beth will work to reduce the number of state-mandated tests, push for testing to national norms, and prioritize learning that emphasizes subject mastery and critical thinking skills.

Beth will be a tireless advocate for our schools and teachers. Georgia is quickly falling behind its peer states, in part, because it has cut over $3 billion from the state’s education budget over the last eight years. Beth will work to protect and restore education funding because she understands that our state’s economic success and ability to attract good jobs depends on a strong public school system.

4) Beth understands that great schools are made by great teachers. No matter their socioeconomic circumstances, Beth believes that every child in Georgia can excel academically with an effective teacher. Beth will work to ensure that Georgia’s teachers receive the support and professional development that they need to remain at the top of their profession and ensure that our children have the best possible teachers.

5) Beth was born, raised, and educated in Georgia. Born and raised in Augusta and educated in Richmond County public schools before earning degrees from LaGrange College, Emory University, and the University of Georgia, Beth is deeply connected and proud of Georgia’s public education system. For Beth, restoring Georgia’s schools to among the best in the country is personal. Her campaign is fueled by a desire to give all Georgia’s children a chance to succeed.

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6 Responses to Dr. Beth Farokhi weighs in on why you should vote for her.

  1. Ted Stein says:

    Glad that she did not win. Her husband a known crook from Iran is mental case

  2. MouthoftheSouth says:

    Both of the candidates in this primary are good people. Not sure who i will vote for, but I do wish each of them were challenging for republican held house seats rather than this race.

  3. Jeffrey Selman says:

    I’ve worked with Beth for over six years trying to get Georgia on track to instill a thirst for knowledge in its students. With all the roadblocks that have been put in our children’s way, Beth, as our next superintendent of schools, is truly our best hope to get our students on track for knowledge, critical thinking, and understanding all of their subject matter.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Solid. As usual.