Will Patricia McCracken become our own Alvin Greene? Will Roy Barnes receive over 50%? Who will make the run-off for Secretary of State? Will Daryl Hicks beat Terry Coleman? One thing’s for sure, Hodges v. Teilhet will be over. However, the biggest question of the night is whether Sara will owe a few people a bar tab because The Ox makes the run-off.


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  1. Ed says:

    To the non-Roy supporters, did you REALLY expect a different result?

  2. JMPrince says:

    For all the good guys who lost: That fighting spirit lives on: (Mingus, Haitian FS)

    Thanks for trying & playing & fighting for our team. JMP

  3. JMPrince says:

    Mel that’s awfully sweet & charitable of you (seems to be a family trait much of the time too), but I’m certain that the math does not quite work out that way. I’m not sure we can so easily parse ‘voter intent’ in such a manner. It was a hard fought race & the Hodges team won handily. For whatever reason. But most likely it had not a whole lot to do with ballot placement, but let’s just say ‘it remains to be seen’ if such a significant percentage might be accounted for thusly. It would make our electorate one of the stupider ones on record, BTW. Which I even shudder to think about. But thanks for the thought & Congrats to your guys. JMP

    • Chris says:

      My personal feeling on the Teilhet/Hodges race was that “Ken Hodges” sounds like someone that voters know and that “Rob Teilhet” doesn’t, and that neither one had enough money to change that.

      But, check this out, if you group the counties into media markets you can see how the race played out where there was no TV (and thus, voters likely knew nothing about either candidate) and then see how it played out where there was TV.

      So, the parts of the state that watch TV stations from Chattanooga, Dothan, Greenville-Spartanburg, Jacksonville and Tallahassee gave Hodges a 81-19 victory.

      In places where no one knew anything, “Ken Hodges” sounded like someone they had heard of.

      Now, to TV markets and Teihet vote, remember he starts at 19 because of name and ballot disadvantage.
      Albany – 24%, Ken’s home market but he cut in a bit here
      Atlanta – 37%
      Augusta – 31%
      Columbus – 45%
      Macon – 31%
      Savannah – 36%

      In total, in places where they saw the ads of both candidates, Hodges 81-19 name ID was reduced to 64-36. That is still a big victory, but I think instructive.

      Now here is something else, consider the Republican AG’s race. The only person who spent money on TV was Sam Olens. Preston Smith and Max Wood were virtual unknowns, but had a combined name advantage on Olens.

      Olens only spent money in the Atlanta market, and had a buy that was roughly twice the size of either Rob or Ken’s. In non Atlanta markets where he wasn’t on TV, Olens averaged 24% of the vote. In the Atlanta market, he shot up to 47% of the vote.

      Olens TV advertising was worth 23% of the vote where people saw it, vs Teilhet’s that was worth 17%. Considering that Olens spent twice the amount of money on his TV in the market he was in, I’d say Teilhet’s ad was pretty effective, just not enough people saw it and the name disparity was too great.

      For other cases of your name is all you need, please see Joe Martin’s big win.

  4. Melb says:

    This is what I would like to say. Even though the numbers show 219,835 or 65.5% for Hodges and 115,994 or 34.5 for Teilhet, I believe the actual race of people voting on the candidate and issues was much closer than that.

    Tricia McCraken received 98,690 votes (I am going to round to 100,000 to make it easy). I will assume these are the people who knew less than nothing about the race and just voted for the top name on the ballot.

    Therefore, if you deduct 100,000 votes from Hodges’ total, you have a much closer race of 119,835 for Hodges to 115,994 for Teilhet, which is closer to what some people were predicting.

  5. Melb says:

    The comments on the other thread are closed? why is that?

  6. Sweet Pea says:

    Don’t know if I can sleep without knowing if Darryl Hicks prevailed.

  7. Juliana says:

    it’s 12:42 am and there are still no results from Habersham County? WTH?
    And what’s up with only 66% in from Gwinnette and 33% in from Clayton.. People I ned my beauty sleep.. oy

  8. Juliana says:

    81% in as of 12:12 and Hicks is leading in Labor Commissioner race.. Go Darryl!

    Looks like an upset in Cobb with David Wilkerson 66% in with Wilkerson leading incumbent Wix..

    Interesting day…

  9. JMPrince says:

    Yeah for that! Darryl Hicks & Terry Coleman heading for a run off? JMP

  10. siri says:

    Oh and how can I forget congrats for Hank just clobbering Vernon Jones in the 4th.

  11. Jason says:

    Yesterday, I left teaching to be a full-time law school student. Today, Georgia voters vindicated by electing Joe Martin.

  12. siri says:

    I for one am glad to see Rashad pull off a victory in HD55!

  13. Sweet Pea says:

    This is totally ITP stuff, but I’m stunned that Keisha Waites creamed Joan Garner. Just stunned.

  14. JMPrince says:

    Sheet, the dead keep rising. Sen. Bill Heath (Miserable, Haralson) seems to be surviving to face our challenger, Tracy Bennett. Sorry for the anticipation of the results. JMP

  15. JMPrince says:

    Valencia Seay cleaning up a field of Dem opponents in SD34 too. JMP

  16. JMPrince says:

    Sen. Fort cleaning Graham Balch’s clock at the moment in SD39. JMP

  17. JMPrince says:

    Looks like @ the moment David Wilkerson is pulling it out in the Dem primary in HD33 too. JMP

  18. JMPrince says:

    [Bangs head on wall]. I’ve met them all (3). I’d be very happy to have any of them rather than the Repug alternative. It’s as simple as that. JMP

  19. Jen B. says:

    If I have to choose between Gail Buckner and Miss Angela for SoS, I’m going to write in Page. WTF, Mike Mills?

  20. JMPrince says:

    Looks like well detested Bill Heath of SD31 (R, Haralson) has gone down in a primary too. JMP

  21. Rubyduby says:

    It’s looking like Page Gleason is going to be my candidate of choice for several races this fall. I know she’ll represent me well.

  22. JMPrince says:

    Really? Finally? They should have printed that, well hours ago actually. And the Eds just missed a night of drinking on me. Sorry about that. JMP

  23. EGaluszka says:

    AJC’s calling it for Roy.

  24. JMPrince says:


    Carol Porter is running away with it, but ‘ol Roy despite running away with it, is still under 60% at the moment. Locally not much of a surprise but lots of run offs in the offing evidently. JMP

  25. EGaluszka says:

    Oh, also, it looks like the Republicans are killing us in turnout. That’s a little disappointing.

    • Jen B. says:

      I think there’s a small portion of Dems voting in the Republican primary.

      • AmyW says:

        I know A LOT democrats who are voting Republican in this primary for Sam Olens.

        • Melb says:

          Well, I have a feeling Max Wood supporters are going to go for Preston Smith, but only time will tell. The good news is they are going to have to spend any money they had left over in the runoff while Hodges can continue fundraising for the general.

    • EGaluszka says:

      I really, really want Ox to make the runoff. He would be a wonderful opponent for Roy.

      Also, I never expected Roy to run away with it like it seems he’s doing.