When deciding whether to watch the Republican gubernatorial debate versus The Simpsons, the debate won. There are two empty podiums, one representing Karen Handel, who refuses to share the stage with Ray McBerry, and Otis Putnam, who works for Wal*Mart and presumably couldn’t get the night off. So far, Putnam is winning the debate. Also, John Oxendine is talking about himself in the third person. This is way funnier than The Simpsons.


4 Responses to Empty Podium Wins

  1. sndeak says:

    Reminds me a lot of the 2008 Prez race. Repubs spent the entire time killing each other and the Dems talked about issues/policies. Could it really happen here? Can the Georgia voters really be more concerned about the real issues……finally?

  2. Donna says:

    I listened to the debates on GPB radio while driving home to Macon from Sandersville and when I discerned that Oxendine kept talking about himself in the 3rd person, I called my ultra conservative friend (she who will vote for Karen Handel) when I got back in cell phone coverage area to ask if she had watched and noted this. Nope, she didn’t. If I were a Republican, though, and thank god, I am not, I would be hard pressed to choose from the plethora of “values “candidates. Actually, surprisingly, I thought Nathan Deal came off as the most positive. But, then he probably benefitted from those years in Washington.

    Friend here commented recently(after a heated email exchange between me and our mutual conservative friend )that he has long observed that Democrats are mainly focused on policy and Republicans are mainly focused on character assasination. Sort of fit those debates tonight. The Democratic one was all about policy, more or less. Refreshing really. The Republican debates were either an attack on Karen Handel or Barack Obama or that mean overweaning Federal government.

  3. Ed says:

    The Simpsons have been sub-Simpsons-par for a while now, even though they’ve rebounded mightily, and boy do I mean mightily the past few seasons. I saw that to say this: yeah I believe you.