On July 1st, an interesting new law went into effect which allows drivers to put their diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on their license. Sen. Douglas, who has no experience with veterans or law enforcement, co-authored the bill and later asked Governor Perdue to veto it after he received complaints from veterans groups. Ha! Douglas, of course, is in the run-off for Public Service Commission.


6 Responses to Handle With Care?

  1. rubyduby says:

    Go Speed Racer…Go Speed Racer…Go Speed Racer Go!
    Gawd am I glad that asshat will not be my senator anymore! Go Jim Nichols.

  2. Melb says:

    Not that I like Douglas, but he is a veteran.

  3. Daniel F says:

    I tried to get my deceased grandmother to vote in the GOP Primary just so I could cast a vote against Douglas. (I spent some time of my life out in Newton and had to be represented by him for far too long.) Unfortunately, even for protest in death, my family won’t pull a GOP ballot. Oh well.