Georgia, Florida and Tennessee were the main topics on Kudzu Vine last night.  Our regular guest, Apa, filled us in on the hot Florida races.  We reviewed our Georgia Primary predictions, Tim’s “Outrage of the Week” was back, and we looked forward to the runoffs.

In the Tennessee Governor’s race, one candidate may have slipped in without your notice.  We talked about him last night, but before you listen, take a look.

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11 Responses to Kudzu Vine Recap

  1. Mel says:

    OMG. This video is playing on MSNBC right now.

  2. David says:

    “I’ve often thought there should be laws in place to prevent mentally incapacitated individuals from qualifying to run for public office. Apologies in advance if that seems very undemocratic, but there it is.”

    Mel, I would agree with you, but that would pretty much leave us with a one party system, since the GOP keeps turning this candidates of this ilk out.

  3. Jason says:

    Mel, I’m with ya. I felt sorry that a man who obviously has mental development issues is being allowed to humiliate himself like that.

    • Mel says:

      I worry more that he’s humiliating the democratic process, but more so, if by some chance he’s elected, would be incapable of serving his constituents. It all feeds into the narrative that politics is a foolish waste of time for foolish people.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Well I’m thinking y’all missed this juicy bit here too from Congresscritter Zach Wamp:

    But hey, someone might notice when the laughing stops and the idiocy gets elected. Once again. JMP

  5. sndeak says:

    This dude makes Alvin Greene seem normal…Yikes.

  6. JerryT says:

    “Hello, I’m Basil Marceaux dot com” ?!!!?

    Cool website. He’s got a plan for health insurance:

    “2.Equal Health care
    a. a free gift program
    b. take a look at and redo all mandtory insurance programs
    c. See why dental is not in most plans a tooth aches hurt more than a back aches and no teeths depresses people”

  7. Jules says:

    I’m so confused, how do you sell grass for gas? Or is he talking about the “special grass”?

    Also, when I come “out” I’m supposed to say the pledge? Is that now the secret gay code to signify folks are “out”..

    I thought Goatman took the cake- well Basil you win!

    Those Republicans just make my day so interesting..