I am sure that like myself the folks who read this blog get political mail. We are either receiving it or we are the ones sending it. I keep all of the political mail that candidates send me. In fact I have a file tucked in the back of a filing cabinet labeled “Mail”. Inside of that file I have sub-folders titled, “Negative”,  “Positive” etc..(you get the idea). I also have one special sub-folder titled “Dad”.

My dad gets political mail. A lot of it. Never from Democrats. Only from Republicans. It could be his zip code (pretty much GOP territory). But the thing is that he shouldn’t get one piece of mail from ANY candidate or political party. He shouldn’t be on anyone’s target list. You see, the thing is, my dad has never voted. He can’t vote. He isn’t an American. He immigrated here in 1960’s.  Don’t get me wrong. He has his permanent visa. He earned it by several tours in Vietnam serving with the American military. He considered it a fair trade. Go fight for this country and they will let me stay. So that is what he did and so far it has worked out well. He loves his adopted country as much or if not more than most Americans.

Enough about my dad. What I find odd is  that for past couple of election cycles Republicans have been railing against immigrants but yet they are asking my dad to vote. One of the mail pieces was an absentee ballot request. It was already filled out with my dad’s info. The cover had a picture with Palin in the foreground and an odd looking McCain in the background.  All he had to do was sign it and send it in and then *poof* here comes a ballot. My dad laughs it off as he hands me a stack of mail when I see him around election time, “No wonder these f*ckers can’t run the country”, is a usual comment from him when handing them over.

He laughs it off, I get mad about it. Mad b/c it is either a candidate or a party trying to get illegal votes or it is a mail firm that is totally sucky. The GOP candidates need to go over their files. With the big do to about making sure immigrants don’t vote how about you make sure that YOU are not the ones asking them to vote.


6 Responses to Mail Call…wait send it to this guy.

  1. JMPrince says:

    Ok, can we get Gunner’s dad finally in as a citizen so he might be able to finally vote against these mercurial mendacious malefactors? And does he desire this? Just a thought. JMP

  2. Trevor Southerland says:

    Well, I know all about both of the Republicans that will be my State Senator for the next two years… but won’t be voting for either one of them, ever. That’s all I’ve gotten.

  3. Gunner says:

    I got that piece today as well. Little does she know I already voted (insert sinister laugh here).

  4. Bernita says:

    Just received my 1st piece of mail for the primary 2010 season – from Georganna Sinkfield. Same mail company that did Amir Farokhi and Jason Carter’s mail pieces – take off male candidate and slap on girl candidate

  5. Chris says:

    Wow. I’m kind of surprised. I’ve run a few absentee ballot request mail programs over the years and we EXCLUSIVELY start (and end) from the voterfile. Seems insane not to. At least glad to hear the R’s are wasting some money on him.

  6. Bernita says:

    We need lists of stupid Republican candidates that are sending your Dad immigration hate mail. and of course a scan of 1 or 2 these dumb mail pieces.