I know you all are on the very edge of your seats awaiting the answer!

Wait, what… you were watching the world cup/political debates/grass growing and not trying to figure out who this snappy dresser is?

Well dear readers, I give you Patricia McCracken, or as her name tag says “Tricia”. Now before you go saying “who is that”, let me remind you that we have two ladies on the Democratic ticket for Lt. Gov, Carol Porter and the elusive Tricia. I could not find a website or Facebook page for her, this might be her first public appearance. Has anyone else met her?

Ever since qualifying, many of us have wondered who Patricia is, some blog commenters have even worried that due to her complete lack of visibility she might be an Alvin Greene like cipher placed on the ballot to disrupt the voting in some nefarious way.

I think not.

Let me explain.

I arrived early to the Cobb County Democratic monthly Saturday breakfast, understandably my DFI goggles are a little fuzzy at 8:30 am.  I certainly  don’t expect fashion forward attire, however, I also don’t expect to be violently shocked awake either.

“Good Grief, what do we have here” I exclaimed, and reached for my DFI fine book. I am abruptly told that this is Patricia McCracken-she’d called the Cobb Chairman earlier in the week to tell him she was coming to the breakfast. She  explained to him that her reason for running was to support Roy Barnes.  Apparently they go “way back”. Ah huh, suuuure you do.

She was so excited about supporting Roy that she felt it necessary to berate the other guests in line at the Piccadilly, who apparently didn’t know that the second coming was expected- at- any -minute and that they “should know who that is”. When pointed out to her she was being too loud, she simply said “well I’m a Marietta girl, I can be loud”.   Marietta girls are loud,  this is news to me. I’ve lived here 19 years and honestly never witnessed this, oh dear.

I proceed to write out her DFI fine, it’s roughly the equivalent of Greece’s national debt.

The Gov arrived, and without so much of a hint, glimmer, iota of recognition of Tricia he worked the room for a bit and then we all settled in for the announcements and speeches.

Dazed, still blinded by her tragic ensemble and desperately clutching my coffee I found my seat to listen to Gov Barnes give his stump speech. He was very funny and in a light hearted way outlined the serious issues facing this state. I say light hearted not to be dismissive-but he’s pro, and understands it’s breakfast, on a Saturday not the Brookings Institute annual policy rollout. Thank you Roy!

As the breakfast meeting wound down I noticed that Patricia was speaking with several Cobb political operatives. I was dying to know what they were asking her.  A few minutes later, lets call him “Operative #1″, stubbled away from her looking positively shell shocked.

I queried ” what was the best part of that conversation” he answered.. “it’s over”.

Oh goodie, now I really must press for more details…

JI Q: On a scale of one to ten what do you give her?

Operative #1: “Negative 3.75”

JI Q: WOW, What’s her main policy thrust?

Operative #1: “Taking back the word conservative”, she feels the word could be “rehabilitated” and “steadfastly rejected that meant cutting more education, health care and transportation services and money”

JI Q: Cough* hiccup* wipes away a tear* ” Tell me more…

Operative #1: “Here’s the best part, she refers to herself as a physical conservative”

JI: Surely you mean, and I. Say. It. Very. Slowly .“Fiscal”?

Operative #1: “Apparently not, she repeated it several times and is “determined to bring people back to the party with her physical conservative platform”

I am stunned into silence.

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24 Responses to Mystery Gal-Revealed!

  1. Steve Golden says:

    I’ll just repost what I said on GALiberal to you. FYI on GAL, this person was known as “joel.”

    I’m sorry, Joel. WHAT? First of all, you must know Trish very well, because a number of high-profile Democrats did major research into her, and turned up nothing. NOTHING. Not a picture, not a website, not a bio. NOTHING. I’m talking high up people who knew NOTHING about her. Personally, I scoured through pages and pages of Google searches, FEC disclosures, State Ethics disclosures, SOS statements…NOTHING.

    There is no “media’s game,” it’s called being responsive to an electorate. She would not have to bow down to anyone, however showing up at an event, or even opening her door and not screaming at a reporter would be nice from someone that wants a single vote.

    Sure, she has the right to run, but I’ll be damned if she wins.

  2. So you want to know about the real Tricia... says:

    So you all think it is fun to try to take liberties in relation to a Candidate in the political process! Unless I am mistaken Patricia Carpenter McCracken is eligible to run in this election and has chosen to do so. Does she deserve your mocking just because you do not like the fact that she has chosen not to play the game by the medias rules or to bow down to her opponent?

    Is it not the case that the electorate will decide upon the virtues of her candidacy and that in the land of the free she is indeed absolutely free to enter the Democratic process if she chooses to?

    There seems to be a lot of very lazy journalism related to inquiries about this candidate. She in fact has an undergraduate degree in Education from Georgia State University.

    During graduate school she worked at the GA State Legislature for the Democratic party while working toward a Masters degree in Political Science.

    During her time with the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Planning Commission in Augusta GA Tricia was instrumental in economic development and planning issues in rural communities in that region.

    Throughout her life she has volunteered extensively and has worked in local neighborhoods such as Hyde Park near Augusta GA, specifically focusing on environmental issues over a decade ago when such matters were not as well recognized as they are today.

    Independently she has provided research for the US Army Corps of Engineers on extensive water quality, water control, and water contamination in the Savannah River area.

    As an active member of the Junior League in 1970s and 1980s she raised substantial funds for charitable purposes and worked on the campaign trial for the Peanut Brigade, helping elect President Carter.

    Govenor Barnes is actually a family friend of the Carpenters and McCrackens.

    One of the first women in Augusta to build a significant property portfolio there is much more to Patricia McCracken than meets the eye and you really should not judge a book by its cover.

    A self made entrepreneur and environmental activist Tricia has in her lifetime done much for the Community and especially the under privileged.

    Why do we no just let the Electorate decide!!

  3. AmyMorton says:

    We really should take up the sandals and socks at qualifying Plus, I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate
    “physical conservatism” into the platform…

  4. Jules says:

    This post is all over Carol Porter’s Facebook page. lol

  5. Jules says:

    That disclosure was either copied several times or I’m loosing my sight and seeing double.

  6. Melb says:

    “physical conservative” – no kissing with the tongue, missionary, and two twin beds.

  7. Jen B. says:

    WTF? I just received a robocall from Carol Porter on my cell phone. Fuck that. Might just vote for ol’ Tricia now.

    • Steve Golden says:

      Jen– just weigh it out. Someone who wears–Juliana, what would you call that ensemble? or a woman who can pronounce–nay– knows the existance of the word “fiscal”?

      • Juliana says:

        @Steve, one word… agony

      • Jen B. says:

        I don’t know.. She totally reminds me of my Grandma, who has similar hair, wears socks with her birkenstock sandals and loves scarves.

        • Jules says:

          Jen, I’m guessing your grandmother isn’t running for state wide office and representing the Democratic party.

          As such, I have no problemo with your grandma.

          At a certain age I’m sure I’ll get my polyester shorts and white socks hustle on-ok no I won’t.

    • parker404 says:

      What was wrong with Carol’s robocall? Or was the fact that it was to your cell phone the problem?

      • Jen B. says:

        Nothing wrong with the robocall, just that it went to my cell phone. It was just bizarre because I never get robocalls, not that I’m complaining..

  8. Daniel F. says:

    Does that mean that Roy is a ‘Physical Conservative,’ too?
    It’d make sense, he’s put on some weight in the past few years..

    …uh oh. i think that makes me a physical conservative, too!

    Anyone else here get to interact with her? Did she really, really say ‘physical?’

    Also, when taking a look at this picture, does anyone else feel an instance memory
    of Kids in the Hall and the chicken character… just sayin…

  9. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I agree with her statement regarding the volume of Marietta girls.

  10. Ed says:

    And when she wins the primary I will LOL.

  11. Sara says:

    That is awesome. I bet she would love to create some jobs by having action figures of herself made.

  12. David says:

    I wonder if a physical conservative is someone who limits their exercise.

    I still think the NC Congressional candidate is WAY crazier. Tim filled us in last night on the Kudzu Vine.