This genuinely upsets me. Dude is one of my favorite politicians. Not joking.

You know what was the least shocking part of this? It is “attracting interest from…state legislators”.

Hasn’t this happened a couple times in the past few weeks? Someone should do something about it.

Without doubt, this year will be terrible for incumbents. Will be interesting to see who gets elected.

If you want some good news, I think this will do. Maybe.

This is just retarded in so many ways.

If you want to be a real bad dude, make sure to have this or this or this or this or this or this playing. Results guaranteed.

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21 Responses to Open Thread: How to be Cool Edition

  1. JMPrince says:

    Most excellent Catherine, thanks. I was looking for something more contemplative, and most of the Jazz & even the Blues stuff I listen to I just associate with much happier, joyful things. Which is fine, but I wanted more moody & contemplative, which can be done, but it’s just much more prosaic or sometimes obscure if we relied upon either. Hence my reliance on the old style Classical ‘monsters of the midway’, like this from a very vigorous 74 YO wizened giant, almost never to be equalled:

    Still more unhappy Econ thoughts:

    “The typical American family can’t afford the typical new car!”
    Posted by Rdan | 7/06/2010 05:59:00 AM

    And now you know. JMP

  2. I am cool. And the main reason is that I listen to this:

    Which plays the music you mention plus much more and cooler music.

  3. Ed says:


  4. JMPrince says:

    Things that bring tears late at night, or how not to relive the Great Depression, Part 0:

    More along the same lines, Part 6,158, Part D:
    ‘Why is the American Jobs Machine Broken?’ by Tim Duy for Econview Blog:

    Music by Dead poets to accompany both:


  5. Jules says:

    Some guys came to the YD’s event at Manuel’s and were handing out black and white copies of that mailer. It looked eerily like the anti Norwood mailer from last year. At least they included two other elected officials from the same neck of the woods.

    I guess this is what they call “protecting” the incumbent.

  6. Ed says:

    OK so on to the important stuff, has anyone played the offered music? If yes hasn’t your life improved? Thank me laters.

  7. Ed says:

    Also awesome, but not necessarily “cool” per se is this cut, especially from ~2:25 on.

  8. Drew says:

    Speaking of incumbents, the Democratic Party of Georgia sent me a mailer today saying that I should vote for Vincent Fort (and Kathy Ashe) because Graham Balch is “TOO REPUBLICAN TO STAND UP FOR US.”

    I think I should buy stock in whichever company supplies the DPG with elephant clip art.

    • Melb says:

      I got that too. The return address is listed as the DPG, but then underneath it says “Paid for by the Senate Majority Fund.”

      I was wondering if it was from the DPG or if it was from Fort with a DPG return address. Anyone know?

      • Ed says:

        The DPG’s senate majority fund defends all incumbents, even in primaries, and is technically separate from the DPG.

        • Steve Golden says:

          My understanding is that the mailer was sent out by Fort’s Senatorial colleagues, not the DPG. Someone I talked to from inside the DPG said that they had nothing to do with it.

    • parker404 says:

      How lame. I see Senator Fort is resorting to old guard leadership tactics:

      1. If your opponent is white, he/she is actally a closet Republican.
      2. If your opponent is Black, but young and/or well-educated, he/she is a sell-out and doesn’t “really care about Black people.”
      3. If your opponent is able to make a living doing something other than preaching or running for office he/she is a capitalist, closet Republican who doesn’t care about “the little guy.”

      I expected better.

      • Drew says:


        The mailer says that Balch worked for a Republican Congressman, voted Republican, and took money from Republicans. All of that appears to be true, and none of that is related to his race. Balch even touts his work for Republican Congressman Sherwood Boehlert on his campaign site, although, of course, he doesn’t remind us that Boehlert is a Republican.

        Those aren’t necessarily reasons to vote against Balch, but they’re not reasons to vote for him, either. Honestly, I haven’t seen any reason to vote against Fort or for Balch yet.

      • JerryT says:

        parker404 is resorting to old guard radio talk-show tactics:
        – extrapolate and generalize to obscure the facts, then charge the target with the invented crimes and offenses.

        • parker404 says:

          Okay Jerry, I will get real specific:

          -Has Senator Fort identified one policy/issue in which Graham Balch takes the Republican position?
          -Has Senator Fort identified one policy/issue over which Graham Balch chooses not to “stand up for us”?
          -Has Senator Fort identified one policy/issue over which he and Graham Balch disagree?

          • JerryT says:

            If ALL the policy issues were exactly the same, and Democrats had to make a choice, they might want to know who gave money to Republicans and who has voted Republican, things like that. It’s just another piece of the overall picture.

  9. Jen B. says:

    Bad news for incumbents means good news for Alvin Greene.


  10. Steve Golden says:

    Ed, I love your use of the word “this.” It gives me one of them “warm cozy” feelings people tell me about, but I am unable to feel because I have no soul.