If you’re a candidate, or if you work for one, here’s what you don’t want to see over your morning coffee and bagel, especially if it’s in one of the biggest newspapers in the state:

… in the race to see who will become the state’s next attorney general, one candidate is advertising that Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena supports him, while another one actually has Modena’s endorsement.

Modena said he remembers sitting beside one of Teilhet’s opponents, Ken Hodges, at the Georgia State Fair. Hodges asked for his support, and Modena replied that he would think about it — but didn’t make a commitment or contribute to Hodges’ campaign. The sheriff later decided to support Teilhet and contributed $150 to his campaign.

This isn’t the first time this charge has been leveled against Hodges, and if nothing else, he’s probably got some explaining/clarifying to do.

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22 Responses to Things you don’t want to see in the paper

  1. Melb says:

    ANDREW YOUNG ENDORSED KEN HODGES and Teilhet knew about it from the beginning.

  2. Amy Morton says:

    First, full disclosure. I support Rob Teilhet in the race for Attorney General. I have endorsed him, contributed to his campaign and otherwise supported him. On this blog, I have been fairly quiet about the race, until now. This happened in my backyard. So, here goes:

    If Hodges made a mistake, Hodges needs to be a man and correct the mistake. Correcting this one would mean sending an email to everyone who got the first list expressly stating that Sheriff Modena’s name was included in error, and that he had actually endorsed Teilhet. Of course, hell will freeze over first.

    I happen to be the person who learned that Hodges had listed Sheriff Modena as endorsing him. It seemed odd to me seeing how the Sheriff had attended an event for Teilhet days before, had contributed to his campaign, and HAD HIS SIGN IN HIS YARD, so I asked him whether the email was accurate. It was the first he’d heard of it. He was shocked that Hodges would have listed him without his permission. For the record, I also don’t buy the “mistake” excuse. A mistake is a typo. Someone made a conscious decision to type the sheriff’s name on that list. They probably had to look up how to spell “Modena.” He was included because he is very popular in Bibb, carrying nearly 80% of the vote in the last election. That’s why his name is on the list- plain and simple. I’ve seen this game played before: play fast and loose with a long list of endorsements and gamble that no one will call you on it, or even if they do, that more people will see the original list than the story about the lie. It’s a campaign tactic. You know, something politicians do. It’s the same thing Vernon Jones did when he sent the mailer with the picture of he and Obama.

    In the past, when I have volunteered more directly with campaigns, in particular Sheriff Modena’s campaigns, we asked everyone who endorsed him to sign a form stating that they endorsed him and that he could use their name in advertising. I think that’s what all candidates should do. It cuts down on “mistakes.”

  3. Stefan says:

    You partially quoted the AJC segment I quoted, the next line was. “Hodges announced the donation – and a letter of endorsement — on his web site, under the headline, “Be Part of Sam Nunn’s Legacy.””

    I had a carriage return between the two, but the quotation was continued. That’s just not accurate. But the Nunn thing wouldn’t even be an issue without Young and Modena…and others.

    Galloway wasn’t randomly cruising the web and came across it, he was sent the information by the campaign. Clearly he was meant to understand an endorsement was made.

    The comment is just amusing, the correction should have been made on the Galloway piece, IF the Hodges campaign did not want to give the impression of an endorsement, which they clearly did.

    “I volunteer on my own time.” Not suggesting you were paid, but that isn’t really the point. You are clearly heavily involved in the campaign, whether paid or no.

    I don’t understand why y’all are continuing with the Andrew Young has endorsed us thing, he either didn’t endorse to begin with or has withdrawled. Just add him to the “supporters” which you define differently.

  4. Melb says:

    Young also said, “I am proud to stand with Ken Hodges in his efforts to become the state of Georgia’s top law enforcement official and chief prosecutor,” said Ambassador Young. “The people of this state need an Attorney General who has a demonstrated commitment to preserving our civil rights while seeking justice for all Georgians–not just the wealthy or the powerful. As Attorney General, Ken Hodges will continue to do just that.”

    While I support the Hodges campaign, I do not work for them, I volunteer on my own time. I have never been paid and you will not find me on any disclosure reports – that said – I have no duty to make corrections online on things like political insider when some anonymous person online makes a comment.

    You wrote:
    “Ken Hodges, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, already has the endorsements of former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young and former Supreme Court chief justice Leah Sears. Now Hodges is boasting of a $500 check from former U.S. senator Sam Nunn.”
    Me: There is nothing wrong with that statement. Andrew Young did endorse Hodges, as did Leah Sears, and has gotten a check from Sam Nunn.

    As for the letter, Nunn wrote a letter of support, not an endorsement, and he said Hodges could use it to help fundraise.

  5. Stefan says:

    Please Melb, you are all over the web defending Hodges and it is written all over the place that Nunn endorsed Hodges and you never correct it. He is listed as a major supporter all over the place. Having Stafford call Nunn and asking him to do him a favor should not be bandied about the way you are doing it.

    But let’s discuss it. You are all over AJC’s insider, and Galloway was provided facts by the campaign to write this:

    “Ken Hodges, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, already has the endorsements of former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young and former Supreme Court chief justice Leah Sears. Now Hodges is boasting of a $500 check from former U.S. senator Sam Nunn.

    Hodges announced the donation – and a letter of endorsement — on his web site, under the headline, “Be Part of Sam Nunn’s Legacy.””

    There was no correction published, and no response from you in the comments.

    This was the first comment on the post, rather prescient, don’t you think?

    “Ken Hodges also claimed an endorsement from Thurbert Baker based on receiving a contribution, but Baker’s spokesman later told you it in fact did not constitute an endorsement. I suspect when Nunn learns the facts about the federal lawsuit for false prosecution pending against Hodges in the Phoebe Factoid matter, his check suddenly won’t constitute an endorsement either.”

    And here we are.

    Additionally, what Young said was “Hodges came to me to talk about his problems.” That’s all I am doing, so I suppose I have endorsed Hodges as well.

    Oh, and you should know, I am a big believer in supporting the Democrat in the general, but you guys have got to tighten the screws over there. Care and feeding, care and feeding.

  6. Melb says:

    Is that the same way that Teilhet got 250 from Andrew Young and is now claiming he is endorsed by him??

    Andrew Young said “That is where I am, between two candidates.”

    I remember the letter that went out about Sam Nunn and it did not say “endorsement”.

  7. Stefan says:


    I am referring to the earlier statements about an endorsement. People give money for all kinds of reasons without endorsing. The campaign said earlier he had endorsed, it appears that is no longer true, was it just a mixup about his level of support?

  8. Stefan says:

    you reposted while I was writing. What does this word “withdrawl” mean? Does it mean having an accent?

  9. Melb says:

    Sam Nunn contributed $500 to his campaign. He is being supported by Sam Nunn – Sam Nunn helped him raise money as well.

  10. Stefan says:

    I barely understand this sentence: “Hodges has spoken with Andrew Young and he did withdrawl his endorsement of Hodges” but it sounds like he either never endorsed him, which is likely, or withdrew his endorsement, either way, why is he listed above? I imagine you guys are in the deny, deny, deny stage, but you have got to tighten up.

  11. Stefan says:

    And Sam Nunn?

  12. Melb says:

    did not withdrawl

  13. Melb says:

    Hodges has spoken with Andrew Young and he did withdrawl his endorsement of Hodges – and he spoke to him after the AJC article. The Bibb co. thing was a mistake – plain and simple.

    As for things falling apart – I haven’t seen any Teilhet commercials lately. I wonder why that is?

  14. He Hate Me says:

    IRE ’10

  15. Stefan says:

    Notice that Sam Nunn is no longer on this list. That only took 4 months to correct.


  16. Stefan says:

    Andy Young declared in the AJC that he did not endorse Hodges. The Modena thing is ridiculous.

    In unrelated news, anyone ever read Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart?”

  17. Melb says:

    Here is the accurate list:

    And yes, Andrew Young has endorsed both candidates.


    Ambassador Andrew Young – Former Mayor of Atlanta, U.S. Congressman, and Ambassador to the U.N.
    Carl Sanders – Former Governor
    Lonnie C. King – Former NAACP Chapter President
    Richard H. Deane – Former U.S. Attorney
    Freddie Powell Sims – State Senator
    Michael Meyer Von Bremen – Former State Senator
    Carol Fullerton – State Representative
    Bob Hanner – State Representative
    Leah Ward Sears – Former Chief Justice
    CWA Local 3201
    Thomasville Times – Enterprise

    Sheriff Endorsements

    Baker County – Sheriff Dana Meade
    Ben Hill County – Sheriff Bobby L. McLemore
    Bleckley County – Sheriff Harold Lancaster
    Burke County – Sheriff Gregory T. Coursey
    Calhoun County – Sheriff Josh Hilton
    Chattooga County – Sheriff John W. Everett
    Clarke County – Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr.
    Clayton County – Sheriff Kemuel “Kem” Kimbrough, Sr.
    Colquitt County – Sheriff Al Whittington
    Cook County – Sheriff Johnny Daughtrey
    Crisp County – Sheriff Donnie R. Haralson
    Decatur County – Sheriff Wiley Griffin
    DeKalb County – Sheriff Thomas E. Brown
    Dougherty County – Sheriff Kevin R. Sproul
    Early County – Sheriff Jimmie. R. Murkerson
    Grady County – Sheriff Harry C. Young
    Harris County – Sheriff Mike Jolley
    Heard County – Sheriff Ross Henry
    Irwin County – Sheriff Donnie Youghn
    Jeff Davis County – Sheriff Richard Deas
    Jefferson County – Sheriff Gary Hutchins
    Jenkins County – Sheriff Robert Oglesby
    Jones County – Sheriff R. N. “Butch” Reece
    Lanier County – Sheriff Nick Norton
    Long County – Sheriff Cecil Nobles
    Lowndes County – Sheriff Chris Prine
    Marion County – Sheriff Horace Snider
    Meriwether County – Sheriff Steve Whitlock
    Miller County – Sheriff H. E. “Buddy” Glass
    Pulaski County – Sheriff Billy Cape
    Randolph County – Sheriff Gary Yochum, Sr.
    Richmond County – Sheriff Ronald Strength
    Schley County – Sheriff Shane Tondee
    Seminole County – Sheriff Heath Elliott
    Talbot County – Sheriff Herman Howard
    Taylor County – Sheriff Jeff Watson
    Telfair County – Sheriff Johnny O. Smith
    Terrell County – Sheriff John Bowens
    Union County – Sheriff Scott D. Stephens
    Walker County – Sheriff Steve Wilson
    Washington County – Sheriff Thomas H. Smith
    Webster County – Sheriff Randy Dely
    Wilcox County – Sheriff Stacy C. Bloodsworth
    Worth County – Sheriff Freddie Tompkins

    District Attorney Endorsements

    Alapaha Circuit – Cathy Harris Helms
    Baldwin County – Fredric (Fred) Bright
    Brunswick Circuit – David E. Perry
    Clayton County – Tracy Graham Lawson
    Conasauga Circuit – Kermit McManus
    Cordele Circuit – Denise Fachini
    DeKalb County – Gwen Keyes Fleming
    Dougherty Circuit – Greg Edwards
    Flint Circuit – Tommy Floyd
    Fulton County – Paul Howard
    Lookout Mountain Circuit – Herbert E. (Buzz) Franklin
    Middle Circuit – Hayward Altman
    Mountain Circuit – Brian Rickman
    Nothern Georgia Circuit – Robert Lavender
    Oconee County – Timothy Vaughn
    Pataula Circuit – T. Craig Earnest
    South Georgia Circuit – Joe Mulholland
    Southern Judicial Circuit – J. David Miller
    Southwest Georgia Circuit – Plez Hardin

    Solicitor General Endorsements

    Bibb County – Otis L. Scarbary
    Brunswick Circuit- William Terry Turner
    Clayton County – Tasha Mosley
    Fulton County – Carmen D. Smith
    Lowndes County – Richard Shelton
    Middle District – Paul Threlkeld
    Ogeechee Circuit – Joseph (Joey) Cowart
    Rockdale County – Richard Read

  18. Peter Tondee says:

    Doubt any clarifications will come. I got an endorsement email (so.tired.of.endorsements) from Hodges on Tuesday and it still has Andy Young at the top of his list.