File this under the category: Men Don’t Do This

I am coming up to Atlanta tonight for all the festivities, and in preparation, decided to clean out my purse. I mean, who wants to carry all that around, right? Plus, from the looks of my desk, it’s obvious I don’t do this very often ever. I mean, who has time? Anyway, I digress. Among the year-old Publix receipts and grody if not actually used toothpicks-who knows when you’re going to need one of those-it became obvious that if the apocalypse were upon us, I should definitely grab my bag. 

But to the point, where DO men keep their portable medicine chest, makeup, highlighters, paper clips, photographs, business cards, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, notepads, sunglasses and Red Cross Disaster Mental Health certifications? Never mind. I’m betting from the moment you dug in your mom’s purse during Sunday service to find something to occupy your time during the usually loud and predictably boring sermon, you’ve counted on us to have what you need. And so often, we do, especially if we get a designer bag in the bargain.

See ya’ll tonight!


22 Responses to The Power of the Purse?

  1. JMPrince says:

    Reminds me of the late Monty Hall too. ‘What Do you have in there dearie?’ And they’d go on to produce the most wondrous items. Hard salamis to take back home, food of ‘many lands’, pins & mirrors galore, duck tape of course, make up enough to camo a brigade of Marines in a pinch. And this was, well back when everyone was carrying larger pocket books as the style.

    Was debating going down to Atl, but had candidates calling me from vacation in Fl asking for updates & one race that almost went to a run off on our side & did for the R’s (HD14). JMP

  2. Amy Morton says:

    It was funny and not funny tonight because my poor hubby got really ill while we were in Atlanta, and all the women in the car started producing meds, towelettes, hand sanitizer – everything, right from their purses.

  3. Juliana says:

    Ok this is hilarious.. My purse clean out over the weekend consisted of all the above make-up safety pins, orange crackers w/peanut butter and palm cards from just about every random ass race, and the kicker item fabric swatches.. What does this say about me? I’m an above average politically knowledgable hungry overly made up seamstress?


  4. Sara says:

    Just so Amy is not alone…I cleaned out my purse and took a pic of the contents:

  5. JMPrince says:

    I was wondering when the handgun would make an appearance! Me? It’s all piled up in my car. The paper work & reading is in the briefcase. I’ve got several. Used to have about 3-4 RBC ones in service, but they’re now too small to fit everything in. Works for me. JMP

  6. rubyduby says:

    I cleaned out my purse at work one day. The guy who sat next to me told me that if we were on a plane that was going down he wanted to be sitting next to me. I have to keep my bag stocked for my two children. Isn’t that right Bezerko?

  7. Amy Morton says:

    Sorry for the absence. The producers of “Horders: Purse Edition” stopped by, and we’ve been negotiating…

  8. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I keep money in my wallet. You can buy all of the above with money.

    • Frito says:

      I can’t believe you like money too. We should hang out.

    • Au contraire, MoTS. If you’re stuck in traffic on 285 and the only thing that will make you feel better is a French lemon-scented moist towelette, no money in the world can get that for you. But, if you’re with me, I might have one. Ha.

      Plus, if you’re with me, I always have a shot of epinephrine.

  9. AmyMorton says:

    You’ll notice my handgun absent from the pile, of course.

    • Madelyn Clare says:

      LOL, Amy, no gun? I love this thread, I had several people doing purse interventions w/me, by the time I HEARD them, I weighed 85 lbs and was carrying around almost 15, yes, 15 lbs of stuff. My primary’s nurse made me weigh it. Now I carry as little as possible, ONE compact, a comb, a lipstick, a cool tiny toothbrush, and my wallet and meds. I have my car stocked w/all the other things a gal needs. It’s a dollar store on wheels.

  10. Jen B. says:

    I only carry a wristlet, which contains chapstick, phone, keys and cards/cash. I’m like a dude who can’t fit stuff into my pockets.

  11. I can totally relate. Lately I have taken to swapping out handbags regularly (sometimes daily). I find this really cuts down on the year-old receipts, random mints & gum; that favorite lip gloss that I can never find; and enough change to keep the vending machines fed.

    But the most important question: How could men EVER compete on Let’s Make a Deal?

    BTW – if you are ever in need of the most random-nest of things – check with Juliana. She seems to have everything from a pretty good snack to a full-on makeover.

    • Mel says:

      True about Jules, but I do not believe she had earplugs when a friend needed them. I might be a one handbag wonder, but I do keep it stocked. 😉

    • Sara says:

      I have a little makeup kit in mine, and hand sanitizer, a camera, phone, blackberry, mirror, hairbrush, lint roller, business card case, wallet, checkbook, condoms, pens, about $10 in change, and various receipts and business cards that I only clean out about once a month. But I rarely change purses and just use one for 6 months-a year at a time before I switch to a new one.

  12. Amy Morton says:

    The assortment of business cards was interesting, too. Every single one, political. I even still have the card John Barrow handed me at the DNCC after I snapped his photograph while Jane and Shirely were gathering the delegate vote total. I sent that one to him again when he bailed on health care, btw.

  13. Jim Nichols says:

    My wife wants a bigger one–this will certainly give me more tweet time as she shuffles through all her stuff for something…

  14. BEZERKO says:

    We keep them in “her” purse Amy. DUH!

  15. Jason says:

    Now you know why some of us have a “man bag” 🙂 I often keep such items in a back pack, which I carry at work.