You were probably watching the debate last night, so we excuse you for missing the Kudzu Vine primary predictions.  As a public service, we have provided them here for your review.

Last night’s show also featured a lengthy discussion with Democratic Party of Georgia Communications Director, Eric Gray.  Eric shared some thoughts and strategies concerning post-primary momentum, among other things.

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Our predictions are below the fold.

Primary Predictions on the Democratic Side:

Tim’s Predictions
U.S. Senate:  Michael Thurmond
Governor:  Roy  Barnes wins without a runoff
Lt. Governor: Carol Porter, easily
SOS: Runoff between Gail Buckner & Michael Mills
AG:  Rob Teilhet (in a close race!)
Labor:  Terry Coleman (also close race)
School Superintendent:  Joe Martin’s race to lose

David’s Predictions
US Senate: Mike Thurmond
Governor: Runoff between Roy Barnes & Thurbert Baker
Lt. Governor: Carol Porter
Attorney General: Rob Teilhet
Sec. of State: Runoff between Gail Buckner & Georganna Sinkfield
State School Superintendent: Runoff between Joe Martin & Beth Farokhi
Labor Commissioner: Terry Coleman

Full Disclosure: David does work for Teilhet, Buckner, and Farokhi

Catherine’s Predictions
US Senate: Mike Thurmond
Governor: Roy Barnes
Lt. Governor: Carol Porter
Attorney General: Rob Teilhet
Sec. of State: Runoff between Michael Mills & Georganna Sinkfield
State School Superintendent: Runoff between Joe Martin & Brian Westlake
Labor Commissioner: Darryl Hicks


14 Responses to Primary Predictions from The Kudzu Vine

  1. Wow says:

    My 2 cents:

    I lived in Albany for a time and met Hodges and let me say I’m glad I escaped without needing a tetanus shot. But if I had, I’m glad I wasn’t an indigent patient at Phoebe Putney Hospital so I could also get bent over on the overcharge for said shot.

    I’d fax you the details of the event but I wouldn’t want a GRAND JURY to be convened to discuss such felonious activity.

    Rob Teilhet has a level head but more importantly, he is NOT the Rod Blagovevich of the Dem AG race.

  2. Geoff Edwards says:

    Ha. That’s okay.

    I expect supporters of Teilhet to be rude; I don’t expect them to recognize quality when they see it.

  3. Geoff Edwards says:

    EGaluszka, it’s funny how one person can be impressed by something that turns-off another. Everything I’ve seen from Teilhet tells me that he’s unprepared for the challenges of Attorney General.

    Hodges is a relentless prosecutor who has dedicated himself to obtaining convictions for perpetrators of hundreds of violent crimes. And that’s just cases he’s personally prosecuted. As a DA, he was responsible for over 100,000 convictions. His temperament is borne of this experience. His temperament is vital for a person responsible for the safety of our state. His temperament makes him more qualified for the job of Attorney General than anybody we’ve seen in this state in a long time.

    You call Teilhet “unshakable.” That’s because he has shrunk from the kinds of challenges that stoke a fire in the hearts of those who deliver justice. If Teilhet seems cool, it’s because he lacks this fire.

    Ken Hodges has fire enough for us all. Let’s watch him burn the Republicans in November.

  4. EGaluszka says:

    Senate: Thurmond
    Governor: I’m still feeling a runoff between Barnes and Porter in my gut
    Lt. Gov: Carol Porter
    SOS: Buckner and Horlacher runoff
    AG: Teilhet in a squeaker
    SSI: Farokhi/Martin runoff
    Labor: Terry Coleman wins with a surprising margin

    And in response to Geoff, Hodges hasn’t run much of a campaign, and he’s been getting hammered especially in the past couple weeks. His temperament also doesn’t help, particularly when compared to the visibly unshakable Teilhet.

  5. Geoff Edwards says:

    Senate: Thurmond
    Governor: Barnes
    Lt. Gov: Carol Porter
    SOS: Horlacher
    AG: Hodges
    SSI: Faroki
    Labor: Coleman

    I don’t see how all these folks are picking Teilhet for AG. Seriously? I agree that many of these races will be close ( especially SOS), but I just don’t see how Teilhet trumps Hodges’ impressive record.

  6. Jason says:

    Senate: Thurmond (thanks name recognition!)
    Governor: Barnes without a run-off
    Lt. Gov: Carol Porter
    SOS: Buckner and Horlacher in a run-off
    AG: Teilhet (in a close race)
    SSI: Martin and Westlake in a run-off (westlake having edged Farokhi)
    Labor: Terry Coleman (close race)

    CD4: Hank escapes run-off with 52%

  7. 4th District voter says:

    Let’s challenge Hank!
    Vote Connie Stokes for Congress.
    More legislative experience for a legislative job.

  8. sndeak says:

    Ah, what the hell,here goes…..

    US Senator
    Michael Thurmond-58
    RJ Hadley-42

    Gov – No run-off
    All Others-10

    Lt. Gov
    Carol Porter-72
    Tricia McCracken-26
    Write in-2

    Sec. of State RUN-OFF
    Michael Mills-31
    Gail Buckner-30

    Georganna Sinkfield-20
    Gary Horlacher-11
    Angela Moore-8

    Attorney Gen.
    Ken Hodges-51
    Rob Teilhet-49

    School Super RUN-OFF
    Brian Westlake-38
    Joe Martin-36

    Beth Farokhi-26

    Darryl Hicks-53
    Terry Coleman-47

    Congressional 4
    Hank Johnson-54
    Everyone else-46

    HD 96
    Pedro Marin-63
    Brian Mock-37

    • sndeak says:

      Once again my head and my heart are going different directions. I really, really would love to see RJ win the Senate race…same goes for Poythress and Westlake.

  9. Melb says:

    My Prediction:

    Senate: Thurmond (even though he hasn’t been campaigning very much)
    Governor: Barnes and Baker or Porter in a runoff
    Lt. Gov: Carol Porter
    SOS: Mills
    AG: Hodges (in a close race)
    SSI: Beth Faroki – no runoff
    Labor: Terry Coleman