The Democratic Party of Georgia is already cranking up for their 2010 Coordinated Campaign to increase Democratic Turnout on November 2, 2010. You probably already saw the video from the DPG talking about the campaign, but there’s more than that.

DPG is hiring organizers that will be placed across the state to lead teams of volunteers and paid staff to do voter contact and turnout for the entire Democratic Ticket. This is a HUGE priority for 2010 where our party’s turnout will determine the future of our state for what is likely a decade.

These DPG organizers will be in Atlanta for weeks at a time going through intensive training, and to decrease costs, DPG is asking for hosts to house these organizers. If you can spare a bed for a week, please contact Natasha Patel at the Democratic Party. Housing is needed this Sunday, July 11th through Friday the 16th, and again the week of July 25th. Natasha’s email is natasha at Please help these dedicated, hard-working organizers do some great work this fall!


5 Responses to Put Up Or Shut Up, and I Mean Put Up An Organizer

  1. tim says:

    DPG is fine.

  2. JMPrince says:

    I strongly suspect that such arrangements would be regarded as likely violations of the Geneva Conventions if done here, but I can send some $ in c/o or attention to?? Just DPG or House Caucus for this worthy effort? Just wondering… JMP

  3. Tim Cairl says:

    Thank you!!

  4. Juliana says: