Come 2011 we’ll be electing a new (or re-electing our existing) chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

For a little fun this morning I offer 8 choices.  Feel free to add additional ideas in the comments.

PLEASE NOTE:  Blog for Democracy polls unscientific and are meant for entertainment purpose only.

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38 Responses to Riddle Me This, BfDr’s.

  1. JMPrince says:

    The mind wanders. Possible scenarios ensue, some more dramatic than others. WIN Women &….

  2. AmyMorton says:

    Ah, thought you guys were my friends. I have no shortage of
    ideas about what works and what could work better at the DPG.
    I would like to see us create a professional,
    sustainable organization that can survive and thrive despite
    changes in leadership. Thanks for the mention and the kind
    words about WIN- lots of shoulders pushing there! I rotate off
    as chair in January and am not sure exactly what I’m going to
    put my hands on next. Is a beach chair an option? Could we move the DPG office to St. Simons? 🙂

    • Jules says:

      Amy, I swear I didn’t give you up.. but people talk ya know.. and well your name is on their lips..more than a lotta lips I gotta say..

    • Sara says:

      I think you’d be perfect for the job, and infinitely more effective than the current chair.

      However, I think the entrenched dysfunction and considerable problems would probably drive you nuts. And since I like you, I probably shouldn’t wish that on you.

  3. Melb says:

    I voted for Mangham as a joke. I would actually pick DuBose Porter.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Q: What would Ed do as state chairperson?

  5. JMPrince says:

    NPL, We don’t exactly have a ‘central committee’, but I know for certain that if Roy or anyone else wanted to pick the next chair (again), they’d have quite the revolt on their hands. We’re not going back to the ‘old days’ on that score. JMP

    • Ed says:

      Perhaps the stupidest thing you’ve written.

      • JMPrince says:

        Perhaps you’re most nonsensical reply. Worse, you could have been laughingly still drunk on my dime if only you took the betting line! Now that’s Stooopid! JMP

      • Jules says:

        Ed, I disagree.. especially if the process/conversations start sooner than later.

        It’s not unrealistic to assume folks might lobby Roy for the gig, but almost every recalls that he is totally responsible for Bobby Kahn.

        So in that light, if folks want to start a campaign for leadership that is more enlightened and in keeping with the current realities of the political landscape-I doubt they would get the brush off. Especially if this was presented as a “Slate”. I know some folks who will run for the other positions, so it’s realistic to assume they too have a vested interest in the names being coughed up.

        What’s important to remember is, the position is currently a volunteer one-so folks who need a paycheck can hardly apply for this full time pain in the ass volunteer job.

        I would hope that the employee’s at Spring street would also recognize that it’s in their interest as well to involve themselves in the conversation. Otherwise they’re going to find themselves looking for work in Jan.

        Frankly, I haven’t got that much to do right now and would have no problem spending time on this project.

        • Ed says:

          There is no grassroots organization in this state. You really think a few folks at a DPG meeting are going to have more influence than a sitting governor? Really?

          • JMPrince says:

            Let’s hope for the sake of Ga. we all get to find out this hypothetical question. But yeah, as mentioned by Jules & known to one & all, we’ve been this way before. JMP

          • Jules says:

            Ed, there is more than you think. Various people carry sway all over the state. While it’s not necessarily an “organization” a few phone calls here and there can do a lot.

      • JerryT says:

        I have to agree with Ed on this. There won’t be any revolt within the Party unless Roy picks… Bill Campbell. And even then I’m not sure.

        With Roy, we know what we are getting. We have a good shot at the West Paces mansion, but the price is that we set Party development back a few years. Roy Barnes has not suddenly abandoned everyone and everything that allows him to suck up all the money in the state and to have his candidates enter a race at the last minute and win with dominance anyway. Roy will want his person disseminating his message and that’s not entirely bad. It could be better, but the realistic alternative is that we lose in November but maybe get a Party building Chair. Which is better?

    • Daniel F says:

      I’d like to think that that was a more accurate statement than i think it is. Unfortunately we seem to keep an all too adversarial relationship between certain factions within party leadership her in Georgia.

      I dont give half as much credit to the unified resistance the state committee could create as JMP does, although it’d be interesting and inspiring to see it.

      If we elected Roy, and he came in with a hand picked individual, that person would need to work very hard to smooth that rift between the Roy-does-no-wrong crowd and the rest of the committee that gave a damn. That being said, once they did, having a unified party with a Governor in the mansion would be a nice place to begin rebuilding from.

      Are there others, not on our for-entertainment-purposes-only poll, that BfDers might want to see as party chair? Is there anyone out there not on this list who thinks THEY might make a good party chair person?

      • JerryT says:

        Besides Ed?
        How about Amy M?
        Sally Rosser?
        Tony Center might be fun.
        Will Fowlkes?

        • Daniel F says:

          Besides Ed, of course.

          Amy M, I’d like to hear more from, if she were interested.
          But then again, WIN List is doing so well, I wouldnt want to disrupt their stellar growth, either.

          What would Ed do as state chairperson?

      • JMPrince says:

        There was organized resistance to Bobby Kahn’s ‘re-appointment’, and I was part of it. ‘Unified resistance’ we can’t get from any other Democratic body, so I don’t know why we’d expect it here. And for the record, I liked BK, I just did not think he served us well there & then. And if we’re talking riddles here, I’d just as well dig up & reanimate Alben Barkley to serve here too. But then I’ve always been a dreamer… JMP

  6. Nestle Pure Life says:

    The Democratic central committee will never vote against the Governor, so if Roy wins, the next chair is his pick.

  7. Jason says:

    AMEN Mel! Preach it sistah! I agree with you 100%, although we could quibble about how effective a party leader Dubose was in the House. I like my party chair to have a little spunk and be willing to throw some punches. That said, I’d be open to a Dubose candidacy.

  8. Mel says:

    I could support an ex elected like Dubose or a former candidate who put up a great fight like Jim Martin. But it’s totally inappropriate, not to mention impractical, for a current elected official to hold a party office.

    • JerryT says:

      I don’t think he would take it even if Roy offered it, and personally, I am against having an elected official in the position anyway.

  9. sndeak says:

    Here is a novel idea…we have an election, regardless of whether Roy wins or not. No lackey appointed by the Gov. anymore. If Mike Berlon decides to run, he is my choice.

  10. CK says:

    Why can’t it be Randal Magham’s moustache?

  11. EGaluszka says:

    I’m expecting Don Wix.

  12. Jason says:

    If Roy is elected Governor, it certainly will be whomever Roy damn well pleases. Unless Jane has changed her mind, I don’t see her going for another term. 4 years is plenty in that cauldron! Too much will depend on who’s elected and who’s not.

    • BEZERKO says:

      Um, no. It will be whomever the committee damn well pleases. I’d like to see more of a firewall between the elected officials and the executive committee of the DPG.

  13. Jen B. says:

    Sigh. I wish I could vote for None of the Above.

  14. JerryT says:


    • Ed says:

      I have already talked to Roy about this, he is on board.

      The real answer of course is whoever the Roy damn well pleases.