On Tuesday, a complaint was filed against the Republican candidate for State House District 38, Sam Teasley. The complaint claims that Teasley took a homestead exemption on a home outside of the district. Teasley is running against State Representative Pat Dooley (D-Marietta).


7 Responses to Run where you live for Pete’s sake…

  1. Matt says:

    It would be nice to make this one safe, considering we’ve almost assuredly lost Jay Shaw’s open seat and probably Dubose Porter’s, too.

  2. Amy Morton says:

    So, if you are not living where you say you live, you are not a resident of the district. What if you’re voting where you don’t live? Would that be, oh, I don’t know, voter fraud? You have to wonder.

  3. He Hate Me says:

    His family looks weird as hell.

    • Freezing in Puerto Rico says:

      Speaking of weird, Sistie Hudson looks NOTHING like the photo on her website. It makes me lol.

  4. From the Burbs says:

    How long before a copy of the complaint is available?

  5. Tim Cairl says:

    we can hope…it would help even out the scales for the blunder in the State Senate. Plus it means an extremely competitive district with us on the defensive now becomes a gimme.