-Leader in anti-predatory lending legislation.

-Assists homeowners facing foreclosures.

-Endorsed by Atlanta Stonewall & Georgia Equality because of his long-standing support of LGBTQ issues.

-Strong leadership on hate crimes legislation.

-14 years service in the Georgia State Senate.

Those of us who attend progressive events and activities around metro Atlanta will certainly recognize Senator Fort.  The progressive community can always count on Senator Fort to show-up, get us fired-up,  sometimes be part of a round-up!  Whether it’s Gay, Lesbian, Transgender issues; defending Grady Health System; speaking out about the death penalty and prison conditions; or just chatting with folks at the local supermarket. Senator Fort shows up.

We were fortunate enough to have Senator Fort on Kudzu Vine last night!  Please listen in to hear more about his work on behalf of families facing foreclosure, on hate-crimes legislation, and clarification about his work to raise homestead exemption allowances.


48 Responses to Senator Fort Primer

  1. Sue says:

    I’m an Independent (kind of a Bernie Sanders type) and I’m for Graham Balch. The things he promotes…education as a first priority, equality for all, environment, gay rights, etc. are traditionally issues that Democrats care about, and I care about, too. He brought a group of Grady students out when we had a neighborhood creek clean-up: he and the kids worked hard moving tires and trash out of our local creek. The kids got their hands dirty and learned about community service and about biology and the environment. We never see Vincent Fort except when there is an election. We never know how or if he is voting. I think he has done some good things, like sponsoring the anti-predatory lending law. He has a good record on gun control.
    But I know Graham Balch. He is very bright and filled with passion and energy. I am tired of the polarization in politics and would like someone who can reach across the aisle. I would like to be represented by someone who is effective. When Grady Hospital was in such financial trouble and did not look like it could make it, VF’s demonstrations were flamboyant and appealed to some, but added to the problem rather than helping to solve it. The changes in Grady’s governing structure were what saved it and brought it to financial solvency. GB and VF are not so different on the issues. But I think GB can do something effective to change Georgia and Georgia laws; VF is more about grandstanding.

  2. Sarah says:

    Graham Balch = Not what he seems!!!

    I . Graham the Republican:
    A. Republican Voting from 1996 to 2006:
    i. In Georgia, in 1996 (Clinton v. Dole), Graham Balch voted as a Republican in the Presidential Primary. Source: Fulton County Voter Registration Records
    ii. In Georgia, in 2000 (Bush v. Gore), Graham Balch voted as a Republican in the Presidential Primary. Source: Fulton County Voter Registration Records
    iii. In Pennsylvania, in 2004, (Bush v. Kerry), Graham Balch registered to vote as a Republican. Source: Pennsylvania Voting Registration Records
    iv. Even though Balch now jumps on the Obamawagon when it was politically expedient to be a Democrat, he admits he still might vote Republican! On February 13, 2008 Graham Balch writes: “I have struggled in my thinking about whether Hillary won if I would vote for her or McCain.” “I would be interested to know what others would do. . . whether you would vote for HRC or McCain?” Source: Graham’s blog see this link: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/grahambalch

    B. Republican Allegiances and Ties:
    i. On page 91 line 7 of his 1997 104 page College Senior Thesis entitled: “The Republican’s Environmental Policy,” Graham Balch writes: “The answer is to keep Republican environmentalists in Congress.”
    ii. Upon graduating, Graham moved to Washington D.C. where he went to work as a staff assistant for Republican Congressman Sherwood Louis Boehlert.
    iii. Graham thinks Obama’s “Dream Cabinet” should consist of four Republicans, including Paul Weyrich, hard core-right wing, racist, anti gay, anti-Jew extremist and founder of Moral Majority and the Heritage Foundation who condemned homosexuals amongst others. Source, Graham’s own writing: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/grahambalch

    Call the Philadelphia Voting Registration Records, request the information from Fulton County Vorter Registration. They will confirm it. Look all of this up, it is there. Graham Balch is funded by all the big Chamber of Commerce, Republican Corporate Interests. They are seeking to bring Vincent Fort down because he is the one senator who has consistently fought for what is right, fought against sub-prime lending, fought for the poor, and fought for Democratic ideals.

    All you liberal Atlanta folks who think that Graham is this cool guy who went to the Peace Corps, voted for Obama and hikes the Appalachian trail, he has you fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t buy it. The guy has you DOUBLY SERIOUSLY FOOLED. This is the dude that suggested that FOUR REPUBLICANS be on Obama’s “Dream Cabinet” including the biggest Anti-Gay, Anti-Semite, Republican, Racist Paul Weyrich ON Obama’s “Dream cabinet!!!”

    Stop drinking the KoolAid and open your eyes!!!!!

  3. JMPrince says:

    Indeed, Why are all the Chamber types for any candidate?

  4. Will says:


    For political consultants, the Balch Campaign used Mad Dog Mail and is now using Mity Mo – both of which only work with Democrats. If the “Republican” consultant you refer to is Sand Mountain Communications, they not only do Balch’s robocalls but they did/do Cynthia McKinney’s, Hank Jones’, Vernon Jones’ and other Democrats as well.

    If you are questioning donations from Republicans, what about the $4800 Kasim Reed received from U.S. Republican Senator Alfonse D’Amato or the $3500 from Republican State Senator David Shafer? We don’t believe that makes Kasim Reed a Republican, but a Democrat who can gain support across the political spectrum.

    Let’s be fair and use the same standard for all Democrats. Instead of trying to shut down any contact with Republicans, we should be proud of our Democrats who can reach across the aisle and gain support because this is what it takes to build a Democratic majority in Georgia.


    • Steve Golden says:

      I thought that Mad Dog didn’t get used?

      • Jules says:

        Mad Dog did two early pieces for him, they were “bio” type not negative.. the ones pictured last week were by some one else, unclear who. But not MDM.

    • parker404 says:

      More moving of the goal posts from the Fort camp.

      Mayor Reed takes money from Republicans because he’s a shining star in our party who is savvy enough to get respect from across the aisles.

      Graham Balch takes money from Republicans because he’s just a Republican in Democrat’s clothing trying to pull the wool over his voters’ eyes.

  5. Jules says:

    RE: corpse… have you even seen some of the folks who get elected as post seat holders?

    It’s usually the same 15-25 faces at those meetings… where is everyone else?

    In fact some of them may be dead for all the FDP knows.

    Some only show up to get elected as delegates to the convention are are NEVER seen again. Those of us who attend 2-3 political events a week even in odd numbered years know who everyone is… Senator Fort is at as many events I am, and is very much in touch with large numbers of his voting district. Folks may not like some of his positions, but at least we know what they are, unlike someone with no voting record and a lot of promises.

  6. Melb says:

    Why is the business community so strongly behind Balch? $100,000 is a lot of money to raise. I don’t mean that with any negative connotations I just wonder what Fort has done to upset them, if anything, or if there is a reason they are supporting Balch over Fort.

  7. Sam says:

    Why do y’all bother? Fort thinks we are all corpses.


    “Balch is also an elected member of the Fulton County Democratic Party, according to its Web site. He holds Seat 2 in House District 59.

    Fort is unimpressed.

    “A corpse could get elected to that position,” Fort said. “It’s a social club.” “

    • parker404 says:

      This is all about moving the goal posts to suit Fort’s own purposes.

      A clear mark of a good Democrat is active participation in Democratic politics. Balch meets that definition. Since that goes against Fort’s purposes, he minimizes the importance of and difficulting in obtaining the role. He can’t prove that his opponent is actually a R in D’s clothing, so Fort attempts to take the Democratic bona fides Balch has and render them meaningless.

      For the sake of argument, let’s accept Fort’s contention that being a Democratic Post Seat holder does not make one sufficiently Democratic. What would be the next logical step towards proving oneself to be a Democrat? Why, qualifying and running for office as a Democrat, of course!! Another definition of being a Democrat that’s met by Balch.

      • Steve Golden says:

        I’m not making the argument to say Balch is or is not a Democrat right now. My point is that the “corpse” argument that Fort made is not intended to denegrate the role of a post holder.

        My personal issue with Balch’s campaign is that they use Republican consultants and take Republican money. Can anyone address that?

        • Deb A says:

          I think it is important that we not use labels. We say things like “republican money”. What does that really mean? He received contributions from folks who in the past support Republicans. Does that make it Republican money? And more importantly, are they giving it to him because they feel he is somehow Republican. Honestly, I don’t see it. They could be giving Balch money for alot of reasons (Balch was in the private sector before working at Grady), so perhaps they know him as a person and like him. Maybe they know the 39th isn’t gonna go GOP any time soon but don’t think Fort is a good Senator. Perhaps they think Balch is the lesser of two evils. That doesn’t make Graham some hidden right wing fanatic.

          I don’t like the tactic of saying “Balch got money from big business”. Just because someone works for a company does not mean they agree 100% with everything they do. Nor does it mean they are giving their own private money to a candidate because they think they agree with everything a company stands for. Some of Balch’s contributions have come from someone who works at Apple. Does this mean that somehow Balch is secretly in Apple’s pocket? Fort has taken money directly from an Coke employee group. Does this mean he is in Coke’s pocket? Or that he supports each and everything Coke does?

          I’m not a fan of jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. I’ve seen far using this sort of logic used far too much by Republicans against Democrats and I didn’t like it then, and I don’t care for it now. This is the same tactic the GOP used in 2008 with Obama. Just because Obama lived in the same neighborhood and served on a board with Ayers, they tried to paint it as that meant he agreed with everything Ayers did and said. And we as Democrats HATED that. Why do this ourselves?

          And as for “Republican consultants”, keep in mind that 90% of all consultants will go where the money is. If ultimately they want to make a buck. So the only party they belong to is “green”. And a candidate is going to look for a track record of success and effectiveness. They aren’t buying their ideology, just their services.

          • Steve Golden says:

            re: Republican consultants– My question is why is Balch using them? Why would he not employ one of the many Democratic operatives out there?

            • parker404 says:

              Are there Democratic consultants out there who are willing to work against the great Senator? Would they risk being blackballed by the Democratic establishment for being on the wrong side?

              • Steve Golden says:

                Of course there are. I know that, if they believed that the race was worth it and there was money to be had, they would work.

                And noone would be blackballed. Us political types have a sort of understanding. For example, I may not care for Ken Hodges, however I haven’t a problem with his staff.

          • Catherine says:

            Actually, Deb, while there are certainly *some* consultants who work both sides of the aisle, most candidates select consultants who work primarily for the party in which they are running. In fact, some resources are blocked for consultants who are not “pure”.

            But besides all that, Democrats should, if possible, support other Democrats. I try to do it in all my financial transactions.

            I tend to agree with you about the “Republican Money”. I always say that it’s not the “quid” we need to worry about but the “pro quo”. You seem to be confident that Mr Balch will not be doing the Republicans bidding, so the “pro quo” may be in check.

            PS I also always say that if Rush Limbaugh wants to give a Democrat money – TAKE IT!

            • Deb A says:

              Catherine, the organization I work for (a major non-profit) has a rule that we don’t take money from certain businesses. Casinos, Beer makers, Playboy. However, the man who started the organization use to say “the problem with tainted money is, there ‘tain enough”. 🙂

              As for the consultants, I see you point. However, I try to shop local. Sometimes I don’t have a choice or the best bet isn’t a locally owned company but a big corporation. Doesn’t mean I don’t like locally owned companies. Also, you pick from a record of success. How many successful Democrats have there been in GA in the past few years? Or maybe the best ones around here already committed to working with Fort?

  8. parker404 says:


    Too bad for all of you political insiders over here who have so much respect for Senator Fort. I’m not so sure he feels the same way about you or your work for the Party. He says that “a corpse” could get elected to a Fulton County Democratic Party Post Seat. LOL.

    I’m sure it’s nothing personal, he’s just doing what he can to minimize his opponent’s Democrat-ness. Maybe we should consider our own party loyalty oath? 🙂

    • Steve Golden says:

      Okay, I will defend Sen. Fort on this one.

      For those of you that have seen my name on the ballot, I am running, unopposed for the DeKalb Democratic Party D57, Post 2 seat. All I had to do was show up, pay $35, and effective next week, I will be a Post Holder. Does this minimize the importance of the role, no. However Sen. Fort is correct in saying that it is not hard to get on that ballot. Conceded most of the people who are in those roles are passionate Democrats, and are not “corpses,” however the fact remains that it is easy to get on that ballot, and furthermore, at least in DeKalb, there are many vacant seats.

      I think Sen. Fort’s point is that being a Democratic post holder is not something hard to do, though (and this is my editorial) it still is extremely important–so us post holders are not but mere corpses. Poor choice of words, sure. I’ll give ya that.

  9. Deb A says:

    I’m posting because I am one of the ones who has faulted Fort for not showing up. Look, I’m a realist. I don’t expect him to show up for everyone podunk meeting. But in 4 years I have lived in the district, he hasn’t shown up once. I can’t remember the last time he held a “town hall”. Now if my State Rep can show up to almost ever one of our meetings and show up to the majority of the city council meetings (and he has only been in office two years), surely Fort can show up at least once a year? And when he is asked to show and he accepts, is it too much for him to do it? Because when he was invited to come and address us he accepted, and then showed up right as the meeting was ending. My issues with Fort go beyond this, but this is an important issue to me. It is great that he is on TV but how about coming to ME instead of me having to come to HIM, or hope he is on TV some night. Come on, he is a State Senator (not a Federal one) who lives near me. I think he can squeeze in one visit a year to my neighborhood association.

    • I guess it’s a question of priorities, Deb A. Obviously your priority is for a State Senator to be more present in your community and you have confidence that Mr Balch will be. As Chris wrote earlier, that’s why we have elections.

      For me, how an elected representative votes, and what issues they provide leadership on, is much more important. I don’t really care if they come to neighborhood meetings.

      However, I do agree that if someone agrees to come at a specific time they should be there at that time. Did you give Senator Fort a specific time for the meeting he showed up “late” for?

      • Deb A says:

        Yes I did give him a specific time. I sent a reminder a week and a day prior to the event. I know the man is busy, but still….stick to your commitments.

        And again, as I have said, I have many other issues with Fort. The lack of attendance in the community (up until this year) is one of them. But not the only one and is not the only reason I am supporting Balch.

        • Steve Golden says:

          Just out of wondering from my part, what are the other issues you might have? I know I won’t convince you, but perhaps there are some lessons to be learned in having this talk.

          • Deb A says:

            Steve, I appreciate the chance to have a dialogue. I don’t like the following:
            1) I see Fort more on TV than I do in and around my neighborhood and city. I feel in many ways he has taken us for granted.
            2) I saw Fort in action at several Ft. Mac zoning meetings back in March. I did not like how he conducted himself. He came across as arrogant, pushy, egotistical. He would literally show up towards the end of the meeting, take over the microphone and ask the presentors questions they couldn’t answer. He wanted to know about tax breaks, and job training. They were ZONING people!! And when they politely tried to tell Sen. Fort that, he got nasty with them and yelled and belittled them. Yes, stand up for the downtrodden, but you don’t have to be an ass while doing it. That is not who I want to represent me.
            3) Ok, I know Fort is a politican, but he plays to the lowest common denominator. Again, at the Ft Mac meeting, he would say things that had nothing to do with the topic at hand, just to get people worked up. What good does that do?
            4)Fort seems to only know one trick. Go running to the press with any and all issues. To me that shows a lack of leadership skills. It also will alienate those who you may need as allies later.
            5) Fort has an “us vs. them” mentality. I have seen people try to speak with him, and if you aren’t 100% in agreement with him, he will ignore you, or shout you down. It is his way or the highway. Not a good attitude for a politican, since in politics some compromised is required. I don’t need a Sen. that will get warm of fuzzy with the opposition all of the time, but I’d like someone who is open to it.
            6) I have been told by others at the capital that Fort has stolen their ideas without giving them credit and that having Fort’s name anywhere on a bill can make it alot harder to move forward or even kill it outright. That leaves me with less than effective representation in the Senate.

    • Steve Golden says:

      I mean, sure, you do make a point in saying that he needs to show up more, and I can empathize with that. However a Senator’s job does not occur at a meeting, it occurs under the Gold Dome, and Vincent Fort is one of the most effective and well-respected ones in that building. He gets things done, and will fight tooth and nail to ensure that they do.

      • parker404 says:

        And common sense should tell him to regularly report back to his constituents on what he’s getting done.

  10. Tim Cairl says:

    Been to capitol dozens of times, Fort is well respected because he’s a fighter for his district and for anyone who’s beaten down or being left out. Ineffective? No, and Chris is exactly right in his post about about the “type” of senator constituents want. I’d be proud to call Senator Fort my Senator. He’s a champion, who cares if he doesn’t show up to an NPU meeting?

  11. Steve Golden says:

    Will, you are entirely glib. Did you actually read that??? It’s a press release from a Republican saying that Vincent Fort, a Democrat, killed bills that REPUBLICANS thought were “good bills.” I need to go back and actually read them, but David Casas is not the end-all-be-all for the Democrats deciding what bills are and are not good.

    If you REALLY think that Vincent Fort is in any way a member, or a sympathizer of, the GOP, stop trolling the blogs and read a book, because you need it. Fort is one of the biggest stalwart Democrats out there, and I know others will back me up on this.

    I’d love to know the insider that thinks Fort is a laughing stock, and what party s/he belongs to. Because that is the exact opposite of what others think. Just look at his donors….

  12. Will says:

    Yeah, but he missed almost 600 votes since 2005. Not over a 14 year period. The Senator’s public persona and legislative persona do not match up.

    As for him being “influential”, one insider noted that he is the laughing stock of the Georgia State Senate. A vote for Fort is a vote for the GOP.

    But don’t take my word for it. Look at what GOP bloggers said about the Senator.


    • JerryT says:

      These seem like red herring issues to me.

      Democrats have been in the minority for the past few years. Many votes just don’t matter for us right now. The Republicans have the game rigged, and some legislators may feel they can be more effective elsewhere instead of constantly showing up for meaningless votes against bills that are going to pass anyway. With the “Hawk” system, bills never even got to the floor without the permission of the Republican leadership.
      So, if there are specific bills that he missed that he should have been there for, then that may be worth talking about. But just throwing up a number and hanging his suitability on that is pretty weak. Dude’s pretty much a hero to a lot of people because he DOES show up where and when he is needed.

      If voters in that district want a Senator that will show up for all the neighborhood meetings from Alpharetta to Palmetto and show up for all the votes at the Capitol, then they will have some great statistics to ponder, but I doubt they will have better representation because of it.

      • JMPrince says:

        Yes, always a good point. There’s plenty more to this legislating biz than just showing up for ‘all the votes’. Mr. or Ms. ‘perfect attendance’ is seldom the most vital guy in the room. Especially if you’re in the minority. It’s important to show up where & when you’re really needed, and not necessarily for the kinds of pissant, no account, show boating antics that often passes for ‘serious’ legislative proposals under the Gold Dome. JMP

    • Drew says:

      “Look at what GOP bloggers said about the Senator.”

      Those are the same GOP bloggers who called David Souter a “goat f*&king child molester.” Does Graham Balch care what they think? Do his supporters? Do they think that I should?

      I don’t understand why Graham Balch or his supporters think that his willingness to kiss Republican ass and court Republican bloggers is a point in his favor in a Democratic primary.

  13. Catherine says:

    Chris, nicely put.

    I live in a district right next to Senator Fort’s and I have seen my State Senator a total of three times in the 11 years I’ve lived in the district. She usually votes correctly, but I have emailed, faxed, called and sent letters and have NEVER gotten a response of any sort. Now, this year she has a primary opponent, but I’m sticking with my incumbent, because she votes right and she has some seniority. And also, people who I admire and respect tell me that she is an effective legislator at the Gold Dome.

  14. Will says:

    I find it difficult to believe that such glowing posts are for someone who has missed almost 600 votes and is listed as one of Georgia’s most absentee State Senators. District 39 and the citizens of Georgia deserve better as we battle serious issues like double digit unemployment, natural resource use, and public safety.

    Politics as usual is thankfully coming to an end in District 39. Voters now have a choice.

    • Steve Golden says:

      600 votes in the course of a 14 year career? Yeah, that’s pretty normal.

      It’s funny you bring up issues like unemployment, natural resource use, and public safety, because Fort has been working on those issues for 14 years.

      I live right outside of SD39, but work in it. I can tell you this– Vincent Fort is a powerful and influential man, in both Dem and GOP circles. If the people want to de-elect a guy that has worked hard for all of Georgia for 14 years, that’s their prerogative, but I can tell you this much– there’s a good reason that Vincent Fort has been elected for this long.

    • Michael says:

      Will, does “present but not voting” mean anything to you? With all the bullsh*t that goes before the state legislature I’m surprised he only missed (just shy of) 600 votes.

      Second, look at where Balch’s money comes from, bro. It’s like a who’s who of major Republican backers including, but not limited to, Jenny Bell (Dubya funder, $2400 to Balch), Peter Correll (SAXBY funder, $2400 to Balch), Jim Stephenson and The Yancey Bros. Co. ($2400+ for Balch, money for SAXBY AND ROMNEY), and David Ratcliffe, the CEO of Southern Company (McCain funder, $2400 to Balch). Keep in mind that Balch has already been quoted in favor of Southern Company’s BS story about moving away from coal…let your freak flag fly, Balch.

      He’s bad for District 39, and no matter what he says we know the truth.

  15. parker404 says:

    Agree on both points. It’s entirely possible for a Senator to be right on all those issues AND be accessible to their constituents.

    • Steve Golden says:

      Have you ever tried to call Sen. Fort? I mean, he’s so inaccessable that he called me on my cell phone the other day, just because.

      • parker404 says:

        Senator Fort’s constituents have made it clear that they expect to see him at their neighborhood meetings on an occasional basis. If that’s what they want from their elected representatives, that’s what they should get. Rather than try and convince his voters that it’s okay that he’s not present in their communities as often as they would like him to be, Sen. Fort should give them what they want on accessibility AND continue to be right on the issues (except for the tax protection for homeowners vote, which he got wrong).

        I am able to get Sen. Fort on the phone, by the way, but I am not in his district.

        In the end, Fort will most likely squeak out a win. The voters will win as well if he uses this election as a teachable moment and greatly improve his accessibility.

        It doesn’t matter how often us political junkies see him if his actual voters don’t see him.

        • Catherine says:

          I have talked to Senator Fort about the property tax issue and he explains a very different scenario than you, Parker404 and Mr Balch.

          I guess I see things a little differently. I don’t expect my elected representatives to show up at random NPU or neighborhood meetings. But, I hope that they will show up for important events and activities (such as the Grady hearings, hearings and activities related to LGBT issues, hate crimes, choice, etc)

          That said, if Senator Fort’s constituents demand his appearance, and he knows it, then he should show up.

          • parker404 says:

            I understand your perspective, Catherine. I would be very interested to hear Senator Fort’s clarification of the property tax vote.

            With respect to attendance at community meetings, it disappoints me that a very good Democrat who gets it right on almost all of the issues could have such a tin ear when it comes to something as basic as accessibility and constituent service. The majority of voters, even “super voters” will NEVER EVER come to a rally at the Capitol. No matter how important the particular issue is to them personally, your everyday person feels that they are too busy to bother coming to a political event. But, that same voter will make it to a neighborhood associate meeting and/or talk to folks in their communities who got to those meetings. Sen. Fort has been in the game long enough to have figured out by now how to balance his responsibilities at the Capitol with his responsibility (and it is a responsibility, he’s not doing anyone any favors) to be present in his district. It’s not impossible, especially when serving as a State Senator is your only job.

            He should have never put himself in the position where his absenteeism is an issue for his voters and opponent. Showing up is half the battle – and showing up means going TO your voters, not expecting them to come to you or catch you on t.v.

        • Chris says:

          Some (key word) of Sen. Fort’s constituents may want a Senator who shows up at every neighborhood event and is referring what they see as their quality of life issues – property tax assessments on their houses and what not.

          Others of Sen. Fort’s constituents may want a Senator who is a voice for the downtrodden and a very public one – but may not be at the NPU or calling the trash collector to see why Thursday pickup skipped Joe Blow’s house.

          That’s why we have an election. As neighborhoods and districts gentrify and change, the party may stay the same but the TYPE of senator that represents that party may change. And in places like Virginia Highlands, the party may change but the overall type of representative may not (a good example of this is Kathy Ashe, who used to be a liberal Republican and when that was no longer a good option became a Democrat – but stayed a liberal).

          I am not in Sen. Fort’s district, so I don’t get a vote. But I do appreciate the fact that he always lends his voice to those who don’t have one, and I think that’s why many of the Democrats on this blog in and out of the district aren’t very sympathetic to one or two neighborhoods here or there who aren’t feeling enough direct love.

      • Catherine says:

        Hey Steve, do you live in his district? I do not, but I have no problem reaching him.

  16. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I think Fort will pull this out, but I hope it is a wake up call for him.