I received this email from my friend, Brooks Emmanuel today. Some of you may know Brooks from his work with GRUS and other progressive Peach State organizations and causes. What he sent in his email hit the nail on the head about how we need to be more public about our support for President Obama. Please see his email below on how we can all stand in solidarity behind our POTUS on his birthday.

On Edit: Organize for America offers a way for you to join in with First Lady, Michelle Obama, in wishing President Obama a Happy Birthday!

Since his historic election, President Obama has been inundated with a barrage of venomous criticism.  From the first cries calling for the failure of his administration by Vitter and Limbaugh to the media critique of his handling of the BP oil spill, his critics are unequivocal in telling us that he can do no right.

In the face of contrary evidence, “Birthers” rant that the President is not a US citizen and should be removed from office.

Once closed by Senator Barry Goldwater, the “father” of modern conservatism, the Republican leadership has opened the doors of their party to the John Birch Society and other reactionary extremists.  With cries of wanting to “take back OUR country” and “we want OUR America back,” the Tea Partiers clearly tell us that there is no room for his (The President’s) kind in their America – at least not in a position of leadership or Presidential Authority. Who remembers someone ever disrespectfully calling out “You Lie!” to either of the Bushes, Reagan, Ford or Nixon in the chambers of the US House of Representatives or someone openly carrying a loaded weapon to one of their political events?

For years our borders have been as porous as cheesecloth, but suddenly critics tell us the Administration is failing to live up to its responsibility to quell the flow of immigrants from our southern border.  Without questioning the impact of our non-existent northern border on illegal immigration, reactionary responses from municipal to state governments tell us that if “Obama won’t do anything, we’ll stop these Mexicans from coming here.”

Living up to expectations, the actions of Fox News have denigrated from constant criticism of President Obama to their appeal, by the likes of Beck, to the basest elements in society to “revolt” against the oppressor Obama or to “spill the blood of tyrants to water the tree of Liberty .”  Disappointingly, most mainstream media just turned its attention and focus to President Obama’s critics, while excluding a balanced assessment of the political landscape.

That having been said, there are millions out here who support the reasoned and measured approach of the President.  We understand from the evidence he presents daily that he has an extraordinary, almost encyclopedic understanding of issues impacting this nation and the world.  We see him lauded by his peers around the world as a “thinker” or as a no-nonsense leader who understands, and can articulate, the positions of friends and adversaries alike.  While not addressing or achieving goals the way the media “puppeteers” would choose, HE GETS THE JOB DONE!!!

An overwhelming number of Americans elected President Obama and millions still support him, but too many of us do so silently.  If the progressive agenda we elected the President to achieve is to be successful, we must help the President achieve it.  We cannot allow the media to report from negative positions without challenge.  Just as others demonstrate their hatred and disrespect of President Obama, we must actively demonstrate our support.

We call on ALL who support President Obama to take action.  On August 4th, the President’s birthday, we ask those who support him to wear any campaign item from the Presidential election as a demonstration of our ongoing support. Bring out your old campaign paraphernalia.

If you don’t have caps, buttons or tee shirts, wear a red, white, and blue tri-color ribbon or clothing on August 4th.  If nothing else, this simple demonstration of support for our President will provide a counteraction to the negativity that spews forth daily.  We can do this.


“In the unlikely story that is America, there’s never been anything false about hope.”

Barack Obama


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  1. JMPrince says:

    I know, and I get called out for remembering Jimmy Yancey too!

    Something moving quicker & usually more recognizable from Meade Lux Lewis:

    I know, incorrigible… JMP

  2. Branden says:

    Wow, glad my post generated all this discussion. I think. : )

  3. Jules says:

    I guess the “Open Threads” aren’t a good place for “open” discussion? Hummmmm

    I really wish I gave a rats patooty about what someone else thinks we should be saying.. oh yeah that will be the day. NOT

  4. spoken says:

    I’m not saying anyone “has” to write about anything or not. Consider my comments a letter to the editor. In any publication readers are allowed and should be allowed to voice criticisms and opinions to those who control the content. It doesn’t mean that those criticisms will or should result in changes to the content, just that the act itself is allowed.

    Also, how is voicing an opinion being “arrogant.” Because that’s all I’m doing. Deeming my comments as arrogant just seems like a cop-out for not wanting to acknowledge the content of them. Arrogance refers to someone presuming they are in some way better than other people which I’m pretty sure I haven’t done. I have disagreed with others, but I have never claimed any superiority over any other commenter or writer because I don’t feel like I am superior to anyone. The arrogance equivalency to having an opinion (one that might be different) is particularly bothersome, but unfortunately you see it a lot. What ends up happening is people become afraid to simply say what they think out of fear they might be labeled as “arrogant.”

    As for starting my own blog, sure I can do that. I might do that. It still doesn’t mean I can’t comment on others. After all, I’m not doing it for the hell of it or to interrupt ongoing conversations. I’m contributing to the conversation and trying to do it in a respectful way. Is it too much to ask for people to hear criticism and not lash out? I think you should actually consider it a compliment I have taken the time to read and form an opinion about this blog. While you may or may not agree with or sympathize with what I say, you should know that this blog is probably the largest left-leaning blog in the state and for that reason it has a significance and impact on the political discussion.

    • Jen B. says:

      ..for that reason it has a significance and impact on the political discussion.

      I agree. And by the way, if you think a story isn’t being covered that should be.. feel free to drop an email in the news tip line or leave a comment. Contrary to what JMP thinks, we do read comments (perhaps maybe just not his rather numerous ones) and we’ve been known to promote comments into posts.

      • Sara says:

        I don’t like kinder, gentler Jen. Did you have caffeine today and that’s why you’re being nice all of a sudden? 😉

        • Jen B. says:

          Ha. I only had decaf (with hazelnut creamer, mmm..), but also.. I think all this assholeish piling on is unnecessary. This blog could do a thing or two better. Unfortunately, as Catherine stated, we’re all too busy with other things. Could I devote an entire post to administration’s failures re: the war on the drugs? Yes. Do I have the energy for that? Not really.


    • Sara says:

      You are presuming you know better than we do what topics should be written about here. That is arrogant, even by your definition.

      And I don’t take it as a compliment that you looked at 2 weeks worth of posts and decided you knew everything you needed to about whether we criticize the President enough. As many of us have pointed out, if you had followed this blog for any length of time you would know we are plenty critical of both president and party when we feel we need to be. You came in, formed an opinion after a comparatively brief review (this blog was already established when I moved to Georgia in the fall of 2005…there is a LOT of ground already covered) and started telling us what we should be writing about instead. That is not complimentary at all.

      But as Catherine said, it’s an all-volunteer blog and we all have day jobs and/or political activities that greatly impede our time to blog. I primarily write about legal issues, and I’m not going to change that simply because you think other things should be covered that currently aren’t. Criticize all you want for what we do write, but complaining that we have left certain topics un-covered is simply pointless. Of COURSE we did.

  5. Hey spoken,

    Just FYI. Blog for Democracy is an ALL VOLUNTEER site. All of our contributors have “day jobs” that require a great deal of their attention. As co-founder, I recognize that we sometimes don’t jump on all the “hot stories” of the day. Honestly, I don’t weep much about it, like others have said, there are plenty of other sources for the “hot stories” and all the criticism that surrounds them.

    I think it’s pretty funny that you think we aren’t critical enough of the left, and that we are too cozy with the state party. I can assure you that they don’t feel that way. We have been referred to as the “Complainer Caucus” more than we have taken criticism for being too tight with the state and/or national parties.

    I guess we must be hitting it just about right if both sides are unhappy.

  6. griftdrift says:

    Good to see idiocy isn’t still limited to the Republicans.

    Balance restored. All is right in the universe.

  7. JMPrince says:

    Sherrod was covered/mentioned in comments, BTW. Not that anyone actually reads them. JMP

  8. JerryT says:

    There are endless places to go to find (and participate in) constant criticism of Obama, Dems, progressives, and anything else lefty- even from the left. Go check out democraticunderground sometime.
    How can you criticize a blog for not being critical enough about the things you want to be critical about? It’s absurd. This blog can be anything the owners want it to be. You can play or not. If you want to bring up an Obama criticism, go for it. Let’s discuss that instead of being a blog therapist.

  9. spoken says:

    Do I find that sufficient? Well, no I don’t, but it’s just my opinion. The more important point is what this blog could be covering or commenting on even though it is focused on state issues. By the way, having blogs which cover local and state politics is needed as are ones that cover national issues just so you know I don’t have anything against the idea of a site like this. There are many, quite significant, issues and debates nationally that overlap into the same issues and debates we have in Georgia. The most obvious one to me is the budget assistance from the federal government.

    Why wasn’t there more allocated for states when so many are cutting vital services. We will continue hearing more about the problems states continue to have in the coming years and it will probably only get worse. Sure, Obama’s stimulus helped a lot of people, and most economists agree it was better than nothing. Many of those same economists agree that about twice as much was really needed and it’s hard to argue with. What about the Shirley Sherrod incident? She is from Georgia and the administration needs to be strongly criticized for the way it behaved in that case. Let’s not forget she isn’t the first target of the right-wing to be casually tossed under the bus either. This is starting to become a pattern and that is something we should be talking about on the left even though it highlights a shortcoming of the President.

    • Jen B. says:

      “Why wasn’t there more allocated for states when so many are cutting vital services.”

      Because some people feel like it’s the State’s job to provide assistance rather than the Federal government. The truth is the Georgia Legislature doesn’t want to raise taxes to pay for services, so instead they rely on a handout from the feds, which is bullshit.

      • spoken says:

        It’s true that state governments can be doing more I believe by raising taxes on wealthy individuals and large companies (we’ve been doing the opposite in Georgia) but that can’t solve all the problems. The primary reason much of the responsibility lies at the feet of the federal government is because the federal government can have budget deficits and states can’t. This makes sense to me as having potentially 50 state budget deficits on top of a federal deficit would be way to chaotic. That is important because deficits aren’t altogether bad if the spending which causes them serves a purpose and eventually leads to higher tax revenues from a larger tax base. So there are times when the federal government needs to step in because it is the only body which can.

    • Sara says:

      Yeah, we didn’t talk about the Shirley Sherrod incident because it broke during and just after primary elections here. More important stuff to cover, and by the time that was all taken care of the Sherrod incident had sort of resolved itself.

      I think most of us would be critical of Vilsack and the administration for jumping to conclusions and caving to anticipated pressure from Fox News et al.

      Over the last 18 months there have been numerous posts here about the cuts in vital GA services, etc. and the failures of local officials to go after, acquire and use federal funding. So maybe if you went back farther than July 10th you might see that.

      • spoken says:

        Well, someone should have found time to write something about it because it was a major national story which had Georgia connections and deep political implications.

        That’s great that you have written about budget issues over the last 18 months; I’d be shocked if you hadn’t. Keep in mind that I periodically check the site also, so I am aware of previous posts on that topic. I obviously don’t have time to go back too much further let alone 18 months further to spot every instance.

        But what’s wrong with talking about the state budget in the last two weeks? Did you know that Congress was considering a second stimulus which was whittled down to nearly nothing? I don’t ask that rhetorically because many probably don’t know that as it seemed to get little attention in many publications. It could have saved thousands of teachers’ jobs and maybe prevented entire schools from closing like we saw in Dekalb County. It’s good this site has not fallen asleep on the issue but at the same time we could stand to hear a little more about it. I think it’s worthy of that type of attention.

        • Sara says:

          I’m sorry, why do you get to tell us what we should be writing about? That is ridiculously arrogant for you to think you have a say in what people here write about. If you don’t like the topics covered on this blog, there are plenty other ones you can visit that probably have what you are looking for. Or, start your own.

    • You know, why don’t you go here – http://www.blogger.com – and click on ‘Start Your Own Blog’ … it’s shockingly easy, and then you’ll be able to formulate your own thoughts and opinions on why the president is or isn’t ‘good.’

      Besides, appropriate criticism is rather subjective, as you note. Perhaps all of these folks are shockingly centrist and support everything he’s done? Maybe they’re in the can for Obama? Who knows, but it seems rather, um, arrogant to start dropping comments on someone else’s blog telling them what they should or should not be writing about.

  10. Sara says:

    Mainly we are just focused on local GA politics more than national, so there are fewer threads overall regarding national issues in which such criticism could occur.

    Having said that, I know I criticized the administration for supporting the creation of a federal DNA database consisting of mandatory sampling from every federal arrestee…as did others. (This was posted about here because a GA politician proposed a similar state database.) I also know that many of us disliked Elena Kagan as the SCOTUS nominee. Those are just two recent examples that spring to mind.

    But I’m guessing you still won’t find that sufficient. However, you are welcome to prove me wrong.

  11. spoken says:

    Thank you Jen, and I know not everyone who posts here feels like Ed does.

  12. Jules says:

    Well “Spoken” I know I’ve been very critical of the 2 1/2 wars we continue to engage in.

    An additional 58 Billion in spending passed this week is absurd. We should not be continuing this Bush/Cheney failed policy just because the military industrial complex will attempt to tag us as weak on safety and security.

    That money will only go to line the pockets of warloads theirs and ours.

    Happy now?

    • spoken says:

      It isn’t a matter of making me or anyone else “happy.” That is good to note, though, and I think our foreign policy deserves plenty of scrutiny from liberals.

  13. spoken says:

    Whoa, no need for that type of language. Is that how you react when someone proves you wrong. The fact that you have said something critical about Obama and the Democratic leadership before is commendable but your website still comes off as a wing of the state party and beholden to all the same interests as the official party. That means there isn’t a whole lot of reason to visit the site.

  14. spoken says:

    Okay, going back to July 10th…still nothing. Even in the midst of the primaries, can’t Blog for Democracy find something–anything–negative about Obama or even Democratic leadership in general? I mean, it actually has to be somewhat difficult to avoid doing that. A lot has happened in that time span that I’m sure someone who writes for the site could have criticized him on.

    The only problem I have with a failure to criticize Democratic (not just Republican) politicians from the left is that you essentially become party spokespeople. I looked at some of the comments but I’m only concerned with the actual posts as they are more representative of the site’s views. You obviously don’t have to listen to me (although I do welcome a dialogue on this issue), but I think it would make a world of difference to just see one or two unapologetic posts keeping Democrats honest from the left. Otherwise, you are not doing progressive causes much of a service frankly.

    • Ed says:

      Your 19 days of sleuthing is ****ing incredible Encyclopedia Brown. We all love Obama and the Dem leadership. All of them unequivocally and have never said anything bad about him.

      Just GTFO noob troll.

    • JerryT says:

      You should probably define your terms.
      What does “from the left” mean? Out of Iraq now? Public option for the HCB?
      What does “progressive causes” mean? Candidates and officials like Nan Orrock and Vincent Fort? WAND? WIN List? Red Clay? Stonewall?

      For me, there are issues and there is politics. Issue advocacy can be “pure”. You keep fighting no matter who is in office and the long term goal never really changes. But effective politicians usually have to compromise some because in the end they have to get things done, even if it’s not all they hoped for. Doesn’t mean they’ve given up. Just means they will come back and fight some more another day. They can be as lefty as anyone, but they still have to represent ALL of their constituents and sometimes give a little to get a little.

      And judging politicians usually has to be done within the context of the alternative. I mean, what did you think you were getting with Obama?

      • spoken says:

        By “from the left” I simply mean any criticism that is based on someone, in this case Democrats, not being progressive enough as opposed to being to far to the left or progressive. How far to the left is another issue, but for now I’m just talking about criticism period.

        Personally, I voted for Obama and had really high hopes for him and while he never made himself out to be our most progressive President ever, he did say he would do many things that he hasn’t. Of course that is what happens but the question we must ask ourselves is what promises should have been kept? What should he be doing differently? The answer to this question will vary from person to person but we should consider both political limitations which we all are aware of as well as the mandate he and his large Congressional majorities were given in the 2008 elections.

  15. spoken says:

    There isn’t one single post that is remotely critical of the President on the two most recent pages here going back to July 20th. He doesn’t get plenty of criticism here.

    • Sara says:

      Ooh, you looked at a WHOLE WEEK? Did you read all the comments too?

      I can think of plenty of examples of criticism of the administration that have been voiced here. But then, I actually read the site regularly rather than skimming one week’s worth of posts and assuming that tells me all I need to know.

    • Ed says:

      allow me to say lurk moar noob.

  16. JMPrince says:

    He gets plenty of criticism here & elsewhere. What he & we need more of are our boots on the ground willing to fight to take back the country block by block if necessary. And we’ve not seen that for awhile. And I never underestimate the power of whining, by for Winning? We need stronger coalitions, more good democrats & more of our voters registered & turned out election time. There’s little magic here. Obama gets plenty of crap from the right, death threats galore & some of the worst sort of demagoguery directed his & our way in at least a generation. He needs more troops & support. But everyone needs to be playing smarter too. I just wish his economic team was better. Or Gone. JMP

  17. spoken says:

    Obviously there are some who share my frustration. I think he does get some good pressure from critics on the left but I think we have to keep in mind there are some extremely loyal and prominent members of the press that nullify the few voices who point out his failed promises and what not. It would be great to see a little more of that type of criticism on this website I guess.

  18. JMPrince says:

    We likely need Prezs who are less willing to be ‘nice’ guys. But evidently as Dems, this is Constitutionally an impossible prospect. JMP

  19. spoken says:

    Don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but our President probably needs more criticism from the left. He is in the middle of trying to cut social security, force school systems to bust their teacher’s unions in order to get Race to the Top funds and adopt the charter school model, and has been continuing the civil liberties abuses, nay travesties, from the last administration to name a few things. Don’t get me wrong; Barack Obama is a nice guy, I am still holding out hope that he eventually brings our country out of the darkness we are in and he deserves to have a happy birthday. But why on earth would supposed progressives choose to say “thank you may I have another” after getting punched in the face for the better part of his time in office so far. That isn’t how you get what you want (and progressives haven’t been getting what we want in case you haven’t noticed. Save me the party-approved line of “don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good” please).

    • spoken says:

      sorry about the italics

    • JerryT says:

      I don’t agree with everything Obama is doing, but I also recognize that not everyone is just like me. When we have finished the work of making the majority of House and Senate districts progressive, then I will join you in criticizing our non-progressive president.

      P.S. He gets plenty of criticism for the left. And taking a moment to wish him happy birthday doesn’t diminish the ability of anyone to criticize him again tomorrow.

  20. Sara says:

    I think I’d be perfectly happy with comments that are remotely on topic. That’s all.

  21. JMPrince says:

    Well I got the idea from Eds, when he started posting them here. And there’s not much celebration w/o music, right? In any case you’d likely prefer just the dry but infinitely more depressing economic stats perhaps. JMP

  22. Sara says:

    Why are you posting music videos here?

  23. JMPrince says:

    Just for the Eds, the plans for Vlad Putin’s Secret B-Day Party here: Now With a Ballet program!

    The Short program was here: youtube.com/watch?v=A1ZhmYMeYnQ

  24. JMPrince says:

    And another by that fellow great Chicagoan, Jimmy Yancey, ‘Rolling the Stone’, (as in Sisyphus):

  25. JMPrince says:

    And some musical accompaniment to celebrate @ this hour: ‘Midnight Stomp’, by Jimmy Yancey:

  26. Albion says:

    At Michele Obama’s request I signed a birthday card to the president today and left my message of support.

    This was presented through the Organizing for America website:


  27. JMPrince says:

    Fine & dandy, but as I asked someone today who mentioned this to me, well how old is he now? Only I knew w/o the Wiki answers. He’s as old as I am. JMP