Whoever thought that Georgia’s WIN List would be blogging? We are, or I should say, our new WIN Corps staffers, Folana Houston, Rasti Hollingsworth and Ashley Robinson, are, and you can follow them here.

Right now, Folana, Rasti, and Ashley are with our e.d. Anna Beck in Texas, participating in intensive, soup to nuts, training in how to run a winning campaign, and you can read all about it on the blog. When they return to Georgia, they will help WIN turn out (the right) women voters this fall, thus helping to elect not only our endorsed candidates, but other Democrats as well. I hope you will continue to check the blog for info about their work and most importantly, how you can help! After the election, we’ll help these three find their next job in politics, right here in Georgia. Wouldn’t want all that talent to move away, now would we?

Blogging is not the only new thing at Georgia’s WIN List. Thanks to the tremendous support from the progressive community, we are in the process of becoming a full-service political organization. I hope that you will visit our shiny new web site and follow our progress.

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2 Responses to WIN Corps is Blogging!

  1. BEZERKO says:

    Go Rasti! Go Rasti!

  2. Lauren says:

    Don’t foget to follow WIN List out on Facebook and Flickr too!