Saw a Karen Handel for governor sign at an East Atlanta gas station and an Oxendine sign across from the CWA hall (WTF). Both were the big signs the Republicans seem to prefer.

Some state’s attorney candidate posted a sign ON A DOT SIGN ON THE HIGHWAY. Smart move.

It is complete bullshit that you have to BUY a yardsign from Terry Coleman. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, he has to be the most politically-stupid person to EVER lead a legislative body. That is quite an accomplishment of sorts.

Georganna Sinkfield’s signs have popped up in odd places, like on not busy streets, and behind an abandoned building on a dead end street.

Randall Mangham signs are on a couple exits along I-20 East as are Poythress’. BTW has anyone else seen Mangham’s campaign van? It is truly something.

Seen some Teilhet signs along right of ways but no Hodges’ ones, other than the set along 75/85 south.

Graham Balch seems to be winning the signwars in midtown and south Buckhead, or whatever they call the area where I “work”. Tons in frontyards, only seen one Fort sign.

Keisha Waites’ signs seem to be everywhere.

I think that’s all I’ve seen, but keep in mind I don’t get around.


45 Responses to Yard Sign Report

  1. Sara says:

    On my street (in VaHi/Morningside area) there are several Chloe Dallaire for Fulton County judge signs…but I think Ms. Dallaire may live on my street because one yard has had a sign for EONS now. There’s also a yard with a Roy Barnes sign. On the drive to work today I saw a Kelly Lee for Fulton County judge side, a Hodges for AG sign, and a couple Vincent Fort signs and a couple Balch signs on Monroe Dr.

    I think adopting green as a campaign color for your signs/stickers/literature is nearly always a bad idea. I know people think it makes them seem distinctive and less partisan, but it just ends up bothering me for some reason. Stick with red and blue…any variations on that are bound to end badly. (Liz Coyle for city council Dist 6 with all that yellow, I’m looking at you too!)

  2. Jules says:

    Some of the Oxendine signs were put up so long ago, they are now engulfed in kudzu.

  3. JerryT says:

    I am curious what people think about this logo.

    The fill in the middle of the “O” looks weird on the yard signs. Not sure if the yard signs use the metallic looking letters.

    • princess says:

      That “O” in the sign sure looks to be sorta Obama like. Shocking from a Republican for Congress.

      • Jules says:

        But an upside down Obama “horizon”… sounds about right, since so many of their policies are upside down from his.

  4. theTrueInsider says:

    Re: Terry Coleman: Having a yard sign that is primarily black works really well at night. The two different fonts also does wonders for visibility.

    • Steve Golden says:

      Does anyone at BfD (or any of y’all, too) want to work with me on a compendium of signage and lit for Georgia pols? I’ve yet to see some of these signs, and I know we all would like to be able to mock them electronically, as well.

  5. theTrueInsider says:

    has anyone seen the “Ken Hodges” yard sign memorial/ego festival that is off the 10th/14th Street ramp going I-85 South. There are 3 – 4 15 foot high signs with that look like his campaign signs and has that stupid slogan about him not being a career politician. There are also some 4 foot signs and some yard signs. It is rather creepy.

  6. Steve Golden says:

    Fair point. I concede.

  7. siri says:

    Bah, let ’em spend their money. Wouldn’t you rather they spend it here than on a closer race? But I doubt even the RNCC would be stupid enough to sink much money into it, its not on anyone’s radar, I only care because its my district.

    But to look at your point another way, should people of either party not donate to candidates unless they have a good chance of winning? I’d hate to think any past or present Democratic challengers in heavily Republican Georgia congressional districts (such as the 6th & 7th in particular) didn’t deserve some financial support.

  8. Steve Golden says:

    I’m just waiting for their disclosures so I can send out a letter to the donors asking why they aren’t donating to Republicans that actually stand a chance of winning.

  9. siri says:

    Steve, while I agree with you that Little and Nguyen will get trounced in November, I doubt there’s a lot of money being poured into that race. The question is why a 26-year-old nobody like Nguyen thinks she has even a slight bit of hope in a US Congressional race. She’s going to get demolished by her Republican primary opponent who can at least run on having some years of experience as an attorney defending right-wing causes.

    Sure, Little will attract some wealthy Buckhead donors but really they are just the same people who would never vote for Lewis anyway.

    • Jen B. says:

      Little also devotes a sizable portion of his practice to criminal defense. That’s no right-wing cause.

  10. Steve Golden says:

    Can anyone PLEASE explain to me why the hell a Republican is bothering to spend theirs and others money in what could likely be the safest Democratic district in the country, against a guy that will wallop any Republican in their path?

  11. siri says:

    I’ve seen Fort signs mixed in with Balch signs along Monroe Drive.

    Someone put a Horacena Tate sign on an empty lot down the street from me. Other than that all I’ve seen in my immediate neighborhood is a single Handel sign and an Eric Johnson sign, which my dog happily peed on, posted at a street corner. The sign is now gone though (It wasn’t me 🙂

    There are several Fenn Little signs around Buckhead, and I actually saw a Nguyen sign over the weekend. As soon as I can get a Lewis yard sign its going in my yard along with whoever the Democratic gov. candidate ends up being.

  12. Melb says:

    I put a Ken Hodges sign in my window! 🙂

    And I held a Hodges sign for 2-3 hours during the Peachtree Road Race – which Ken and crew ran!

  13. swg says:

    I know Sen Fort has been hard at work. That being said I do not like Graham Balch. I still wonder why he is running as a democrat when clearly his priorities lie elsewhere

    • Deb A says:

      Why do you not like Graham? Have you met him? Spoken with him? If you haven’t, I recommend you do so. And the fact is, Graham is a proud Democrat. Fort wants folks to believe otherwise because he knows that people want a change. Working for a moderate NY state GOP US Representative for a year a long time ago hardly makes someone a a secret Republican. Heck, I watch Fox News on occasion, does that make me a right wing nut job?

  14. thetrueInsider says:

    Rev. Mitzi Bickers is doing the field work for Georganna Sinkfield so I’m not surprised that Sinkfield’s signs are popping up in strange places. Just wait until you see Sinkfield’s signs on church vans – you know those 501(c)(3) organizations that are not supposed to engage in political activity. I’m shocked that Sinkfield’s campaign manager, DeKalb State Rep. Stacey Abrams, doesn’t know the new signage rules that DeKalb county has instituted this year. I guess to Abrams is too busy on a statewide campaign to be engaged with her local constituents.

    Saw some Joe Martin signs in yards…none from the other school super candidates. Saw a big Terry Coleman sign on Memorial Drive; it was in the ‘hood and along southwest Atlanta. Haven’t seen any Darryl Hicks yard signs anywhere; not even 1 billboard like he had in 2006.

    Teilhet is doing a great push with yard signs; only seen a few Hodges yard signs.

    Why does Shelithia Roberts have yard signs out when she isn’t even on the July 20th ballot? That’s redneck backwards to confuse the voters.

    • parker404 says:

      Saw a Darryl Hicks sign for the first time today. It was in a right-of-way. The sign itself is terrible. Poorly designed and you can’t figure out who it’s for and which office they’re seeking.

      Shelitha Robertson is terrible. I think she has a good heart, but is never willing to do the real work necessary. I can’t imagine why she has so many damn signs out already.

      • JerryT says:

        I agree, the Hicks signs are a mess. They have a wimpy outline of the state of Georgia and a big “Hicks”, but you can’t read anything else.

    • Dr. David Daniels of Morningside says:

      Rev. Dr. Mitzi Bickers church vans – is the pastor of Emanuel Baptist Church a501(c)(3) organizations that is not supposed to engage in political activity. I’m too shocked that Sinkfield’s campaign manager, DeKalb State Rep. Stacey Abrams, doesn’t know the new signage rules that DeKalb county has instituted this year. I guess to Abrams is too busy on a statewide campaign to be engaged with her local constituents. I saw the van in front of the Fulton County Government Center last week..Vincent Fort should be sent packing for this. I will be sending in a letter requesting a congressional inquiry.

      • Jeffery Turner says:

        Enough is enough…
        How to File an IRS 501(c)(3) Complaint
        Rev. Dr. Mitzi Bickers of Emanuel Baptist Church has gone too far in promoting her list of crooked political candidates. I am encouraging every one to file to have the churches 501(c)3 status revoked. Rev. Mitzi Bickers is doing the field work for Georganna Sinkfield so I’m not surprised that Sinkfield’s signs are popping up in strange places. Just wait until you see Sinkfield’s signs on church vans – you know those 501(c)(3) organizations that are not supposed to engage in political activity. I’m shocked that Sinkfield’s campaign manager, DeKalb State Rep. Stacey Abrams, doesn’t know the new signage rules that DeKalb county has instituted this year. I guess to Abrams is too busy on a statewide campaign to be engaged with her local constituents.

        Name of of the Organization:Emmanuel Baptist Church
        Street Address: 1582 Benjamin Weldon Bickers, Atlanta, GA 30315-4004
        Complete the Complaint IRS form 13909 on-line at IRS.GOV

  15. JMPrince says:

    We’ve had plenty of signs stolen up here right out of people’s yards. And yes, the Rethugs will trash anyone going up against their favored incumbents too. Even primary opponents. JMP

  16. Ed says:

    Also there is a Holder for FulCo Commission across from my house.

  17. Jen B. says:

    There are no signs in our neighborhood because the HOA forbids it, along with American flags.. but, there’s a huge Sam Olens AG sign down the street from us.

  18. Just in the past few days signs having been popping up in our SW Atlanta neighborhood. Very few in actual yards. Mostly rights-of-way and abandoned property. The exceptions are Vincent Fort & Rashad Taylor – see lots of their signs in real yards on the way to and from work.

  19. Michelle hompson says:

    I live East Point and Graham Balch’s signs are everywhere. Graham has been very visible in East Point and it shows by the numbers of signs throughout the city.

    • parker404 says:

      Graham is also the MC for a portion of the East Point Fourth of July celebration. A part of me feels that Fort is taking things for granted.

      • Melb says:

        I got a mailer from Graham Balch today with a trophy award on the front and it says “Most Absentee Senator: Vincent Fort”

        • parker404 says:

          Wow. I know there are entire neighborhoods in Fort’s district that claim to never see him, but I didn’t expect Balch to call him out like that. Ouch.

          • Melb says:

            Honestly, I live in Midtown and I haven’t seen one Fort sign, but I have seen over a dozen Balch signs around Piedmont Park homes and then across the interstate near Atlantic Station. That was the third mailer I received from Balch as well.

            However, I have received two mailers from Fort.

          • Deb A says:

            Ever since I moved here 4 years ago, I never once saw Sen. Fort attend any of our neighborhood association meetings. Now, I don’t expect him to come to every one, but at least one a year would be nice, or at least once in 4 years. Never happened. But gee, he gets an opponent who is accessible and willing to talk to folks, and all of a sudden Sen. Fort appears (late of course) at our Neighborhood meeting in June. Hmmm…

            • parker404 says:

              Are you on the East Point or Atlanta side of Fort’s district? I’ve heard comments similar to this one from East Point residents and am curious to know if the same is true in Atlanta.

              • Deb A says:

                East Point. Right near Main Street in East Point. He didn’t start showing up to our City Council meetings with any kind of regularity either until earlier this year.

          • JerryT says:

            I do not get the need for close personal contact from one’s representatives/senators/leaders.

            Isn’t the question really- Are they doing their job? If we are going to make them go around and listen to every constituent with an opinion or problem- real or imagined- we’re not really looking for leaders anymore. We’re looking for a personal trainer.

            If someone has an issue, perhaps they should consider sending him an email, or a letter. But inventing arbitrary meeting attendance criteria for successful statesmanship sounds a lot like just trying to have an excuse to vote for the other guy. We don’t need to make up a reason. There is no test.

  20. Ed says:

    Drove around a while ago, Joe Martin sign in a yard and a Purcell/Handel combo. Next to my parents’ house is a Chloe Dellare and across from that a Handel sign. My parents have a Hodges sign in their yard.

    Able Mable had some signs up too. They said “re-elect” and I’m not kidding you… ‘Able Mable”. That’s right, one apostrophe and one quotation mark. The spacing was irregular and poorly printed as well. Stay classy.

  21. parker404 says:

    Keisha Waites always has signs everywhere…everywhere except in the yards of actual voters. Too bad for her right-of-ways, empty lots and vacant houses are disenfranchised.

    I see tons of Joan Garner signs in voter yards.

    I can’t call the Fort/Balch race to save my life.

    • Matthew Young and David Atkins of Capitol View says:

      Thats interesting… I just saw several of Joan Garners signs in abandoned homes and alomg right-of-ways along Metropolitan Pkwy. I also noticed Ms. Waites has many signs in businesses and in yards all over the city. We know this because we have one in our front yard!

  22. Jules says:

    I was away for a bit and when I got back, about two bajillion signs has sprouted up all over Cobb.
    Most disturbing is the giant face of Sharron Cooper on the 120 loop. Apparently her opponent is making headway and rattling her cage.

  23. PaulaG says:

    The other day I saw a bunch of signs that had a flyer pasted on them that said, “This is an illegal sign.” Don’t know if it’s a citizen-initiated project or what, but I liked it.