Talk about putting all your chips on the table. I may be the only person in Georgia who didn’t know this, but do you realize how much of their own money the Sinkfield’s loaned her campaign for Secretary of State? Her reports show the following loans from Georganna and Richard Sinkfield:

5/5/2010: $2,000; 5/7/2010: $5,000; 6/1/2010: $3,000;  6/4/2010: $50,000; 6/5/2010: $2,952.77; 6/11/2010: $25,000; 6/25/2010: $30,000; 7/6/2010: $100,000; 7/12/2010: $50,000; 7/16/2010: $75,000

That’s $342,952.77 by my math, plus:

From Richard Sinkfield: 8/6/2010: $50,000

Nearly 400K. Wow. That’s some more commitment!

Sinkfield was not alone in making substantial personal funds available to her campaign. Gail Buckner, who finished in first place in the primary to meet Sinkfield in the run-off, also loaned her campaign a total of $200,000.

Not that this is the first time we’ve seen candidates who were willing to put their own money on the line in a race,  but good gracious, these candidates seriously put their money where their mouth was!

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