Good morning everyone!

I’m proud to be a new blogger here at Blog for Democracy, so for my first post, I wanted to announce to Democrats in Georgia that the Red Clay Democrats endorsement questionnaire is live.

Interested candidates can visit to read our endorsement guidelines and apply for consideration.

All questionnaires must be returned to Red Clay by Friday Sept. 3, and endorsed candidates will be notified by the middle of September.

Red Clay will formally introduce its full slate of endorsed candidates at our Low Country Boil fundraiser on Tuesday Oct. 5.

Earlier this year, Red Clay endorsed five Democrats who met our qualifications: Jason Carter, Stacey Evans, Elena Parent, Rep. Rashad Taylor and Scott Holcomb.

Since those endorsements, Jason became Sen. Carter, Rashad was re-elected to his State House seat and, just last week, Scott became Rep.-elect Holcomb.

We’re proud of our 2010 track record so far, and we’re looking to endorse a great second group of Democrats. Then, it’s on to Nov. 2 to elect Stacey, Elena and each of our newly endorsed candidates.

Thanks so much for getting the word out!

Jeff Romig, President, Red Clay Democrats


2 Responses to Applications wanted

  1. Jeff R. says:

    Yes, Gunner we are planning to endorse statewide candidates as well as House and Senate candidates who meet the qualifications listed on the site, regardless of proximity to metro Atlanta.

  2. Gunner says:

    Do the red clay dems endorse candidates outside of the atl area?