This is what I’m saying.. Local people, local!

We’re inviting you to join us in the kick-off for our campaigns in November’s General Election. We ask that you come out and support the candidates of NW Ga. We’re calling upon you to help obtain valuable seats for Georgia Democrats in the State Legislature this fall.
Electing Roy Barnes will be an important step in turning Georgia around after nearly a decade of regressive policies. But keep in mind that Gov. Barnes will need all the help he can muster in the legislature in order to put Georgia back on the right path.

When: Thursday, Aug 12, 2010
Time: 6:00pm
Where: Manuel’s Tavern | 602 N Highland Avenue Northeast | Atlanta, GA 30307-1433
Donation: We are asking for a $25.00 minimum.
Featuring: The Bartow County Democratic Candidates:

Dan Ledford – State House District 14

Jerry Nally – State House District 12

Tracy Bennett – State Senate District 31

Mike Burton – State Senate District 52

All contributions go directly to help these candidates spread their message.

Contact: J.M. Prince at jmprince {at} bellsouth{DOT}net


11 Responses to Bartow County Democratic Candidates Kick-Off At Manuel’s Tonight!

  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for the thought Skyler. Every other venue in Bartow serving liquor would have been double the price just for admission. Or far worse. The list of consistent contributors left in the county is slight too, according to VB. We’ll likely try one a bit later on closer to home, but for the moment, this looked like a chance at a nice, quick kick start. There’s really not many venues in Bartow that are fairly suitable & as easy to get to as well.

    So thanks to all who came out despite the heat & the usual busy schedules of this time of year. Yes we did have homemade brownies which were a big hit too. It was good to see old friends who dropped on by to chat & help out. Juliana herself showed up late, but with a movie script tale to tell. Some things discussed Besides the usual politicking Sturm und Drang? Symphony orchestras. Fundraising (‘natch). Guns. Candidates in the cross hairs. NATO conferences & (school) funding derived from same. Why we keep on running Santa Claus with the same lack luster results.

    We got to meet the ever stylish Adrienne Hunter-Strothers (candidate for Ga. Court of Appeals) once again, as Bernita brought her by. She escaped just in time from the clutches of one of the entourage of Jerry Nally who was about to regale her with some very unusual and highly idiosyncratic 19th century interpretations of what might be done with a modern Grand Jury. A very fortunate thing, that near miss! But thanks again for the notice here & help elsewhere. Every little bit counts. We can count on you Skyler to help out with the next one too, right? JMP

  2. Skyler Akins says:

    Wouldn’t it be wise to have events for Bartow Democratic candidates in Bartow County? Just sayin’..and I mean this question in respectful, suggestive way..

  3. JMPrince says:

    Stark choices there. And I can no longer read my screen well, quickly. Ah, the wonders of aging. JMP

  4. JMPrince says:

    Thanks Jen, We’ll need luck & money too, ‘natch. But as predicted Christian Coomer did win the HD14 run-off on the GOP side. So it’s as start as the choices get in the state with the full line ups. We’ve got a chance to take out plenty of big but otherwise completely useless rigidly doctrinaire fish. JMP

  5. Jen B. says:

    Little known fact: I used to work up in ol’ Bartow County. I wish these candidates the best of luck!

  6. JMPrince says:

    Thanks so much here Juliana for the pass along. I’m reliably informed that we’ve got brownies already baked in anticipation here too. Which might even be a first, I don’t know. Thanks again! JMP