So the stage was set today in Savannah. The first debate of Georgia’s two governor candidates. The debate which was going to be held at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center (which if any of you have been to the Chatham County Buttimer Dinner is a fine place for a debate).  I thought it was great that the first time these two were going to  debate was going to be in the “Hostess City of the South”. Our very own Sonny Dixon (current news anchor and former State House member) was going to be the moderator.

Well, people were showing up at the event looking for a showdown! The only problem is that Deal backed out at the last minute. Yes, he chickened out. The Deal campaign said that, “didn’t think it was time for a face-to-face confrontation.” Then why did you even agree to show up? Instead they wanted to go one after the other and not face to face.

Roy just won major points for anyone who is keeping score.  He crossed the Talmadge Bridge a huge winner today and he didn’t even have to run the 5K Bridge run (which btw is Dec. 3rd this year) to declare victory in Savannah.

If Mr. Deal is still in Savannah and hasn’t run out of town yet I will gladly show you were the I16 North on ramp is. Please don’t come back to Savannah until you are ready to actually campaign.

Oh yea. Does anyone know where that chicken suit was packed away from the last campaign cycle? We could use it down here today.


6 Responses to Mr. Deal, Welcome to the Hostess City of the South. Now go home.

  1. JaneB says:

    Actually, I have the chicken suit! Happy to let folks borrow it!

  2. Amy Morton says:

    They went on one after the other, right. Don’t give Deal too hard a time. I hear that he’s trying to find his tax returns.

    Here’s the money quote from someone named Brian Robinson:

    Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said that — fresh off the Aug. 10 runoff — the campaign never agreed to a debate.

    He said Deal is prepared to debate Democrat Barnes “from Hiawassee to Hahira, just not today.”

    I don’t know about you, but people who want to lead states and nation don’t have the “just not today” option. You’re either ready or you’re not.

  3. Mel says:

    So was it an empty podium situation or did they cancel the event? And the chicken suit went to DC with Shelby. Lord only knows where he wears it.

    • Sara says:

      In fairness, he did offer to give it to GFD before he left. I think nobody ever came to pick it up, however.