Karen Handel gave a gracious concession statement, but someone on her team neglected to delete this post”:Ethics, Grand Juries, Nathan Deal and George Soros.” Karen’s team went after Deal claws bared and in the process took liberals, the media and George Soros (George Soros?) off the hook.  Here’s a taste:

Today, Nathan Deal is attempting to pull a fast one on the voters of Georgia.  Rather than deal with the very real – and well documented – ethics issues surrounding him, he is attempting to convince voters that George Soros, the media and liberals are the source of his problems. That is simply not true.  Responsibility for the ethics issues – and the grand jury – lies with Nathan Deal and Nathan Deal alone.

I, heartily agree. It’s a true today as the day she wrote it.  I and 226 others, have now recommended this post on Facebook.

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One Response to Delete?

  1. Juliana says:

    I was 227, I love this.. Must be that after the campaign ended there wasn’t any staff left to tend to such things..

    I already have 2 comments on my FB page.

    @Karen, hugs hun.. mean it, now burn that nasty black jacket it was really bad luck for ya.