Every two years this country elects, or re-elects all 435 Congress members, and 1/3 of the US Senate that’s a whole lot of race to keep up with. Sometimes it’s even hard to keep up with our own GA races.

Those of us with an interest in politics-some might even say obsession, have friends from all around the country who still love us for our obsession. They will bring candidates to our attention, candidates that might otherwise not hit our radar.

Tommy Sowers was brought to my attention by Representative-Elect Scott Holcomb, they became friends while serving in Kosavo. Tommy returned home to Southeast Missouri and the 8th Congressional district to find as he says;

I am running for Congress to fight for the future of my home, to bring economic opportunity back and to serve the people of Southeastern Missouri. As a soldier in the United States Army, I served my country in Kosovo and in Iraq. I returned to Missouri to find my home in economic turmoil, with double-digit unemployment and a disappearing way of life. I believe in the future of Southeast Missouri and it is my duty to fight for it.

After checking out his really well done website, with loads of great videos, I believe that Tommy is certainly more than capable of taking on this fight.

Tommy is a former Green Beret, two-term Iraq vet, born and bred Midwesterner who’s made the DCCC’s Red to Blue list.  As a bonus, he plans to take down a 14-year Republican incumbent in Rush Limbaugh’s home district, the MO 8th.

Now that you all have been formally introduced, the campaign would like to invite you meet Tommy in Atlanta and help him with his efforts. On Monday August 30th, the campaign invites you to a fundraiser at the home of Jenny and Allen Cermak, a link to the invite is below.


I’m sure it goes without saying that we need strong leaders to be elected this cycle, folks like Tommy who put themselves out there to tackle the serious issues this nation faces, should have our support.

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5 Responses to I’d like to introduce you all to Tommy Sowers

  1. Mr Sowers Sir: I,ve tryied my level best to get a VA Hospital built on the rest of the property that joins the Federal Prison.But that blunt & bond don,t want any thing like that here. The fact of the matter is this ,they build a clinic for 40+ million dollars,&they can not sowe you up or put a cast on a broken limb.its great if you need just pills or a shot.But they can not even take certain xrays,there again go to ARK,VA.Will I believe that we could put people to work building it,& once up hire people to work in it & keep the revenue in Missouri.Not only that but it would also help the local hospital like wise.But if you are for this than please put the word out ,because the VA Admin could by one of the schools thats for sale & make it a VA Hospital,sinserly another vet.

  2. Cranky says:

    Re: Bill and Bobby… both decided that walking into the buzz saw that is running as a Dem in GA wasn’t worth sticking around for after they lost.

    However, I think Bill is somewhat involved in Savannah on local issues.

    Best of luck to Doug!

  3. Jason D says:

    Most def!

    Does anybody know if there is a consolidated list of “Fighting Dems” (OIF/OEF veteran Congressional candidates) like they had back in ’06?

    With that said, don’t forget that metro Atlanta has Doug Heckman (also a vet of both OIF and OEF) running for John Linder’s seat in the GA-7.

    Much love and success to all of these candidates.

    And what ever happened to Bill Gillespie and Bobby Saxon?

  4. Jason D says:

    Most def!

    Is there a rundown of “Fighting Dems” (OIF and OEF veteran Congressional candidates running as Dems) like we had back in 2006?

    With that said, don’t forget that right here in metro Atlanta we have OIF and OEF veteran Doug Heckman running for John Linder’s old seat in the GA-7.

    And whatever happened to Bobby Saxon and Bill Gillespie?