“Making Women’s Equality a Reality” is quite a process. While the doors to the voting booth opened to women nearly 90 years ago, women are still under-represented in elected office. In Georgia, fewer than 20% of those who serve in the legislature are women, and last session, only 8 women served in the Georgia senate. WIN List exists to change those numbers- it’s our raison d’etre. On August 26th, the 90 anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, WIN List will honor our 26 endorsed candidates for 2010. We hope you will join us for this special event and help us raise the money we need to support each and every endorsed candidate to WIN in November. All the info is here, on our brand new blog. Because we’re cool like that. 🙂 And, at WIN, we only endorse progressive, Democratic women because we know to be an effective advocate for women, families, and, yes, for Georgians, you have to do more than wear a skirt.

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  1. Amy Morton says:

    Sorry about that. Here’s the info about contribution levels. We will be using the money to cut a second round of checks to our endorsed candidates and to fund WIN Corps through the election. We’re in the process of getting the page up on our website:

    RSVP: Anna Beck
    Phone: 404-333-1655
    Email: abeck@georgiawinlist.com

    Host Levels:
    Platinum – $2,500
    Gold – $1,000
    Silver – $500
    Bronze – $250

    General Admission – $100

    re’s the link to the Facebook event page:


    Hope to see you there!

  2. parker404 says:

    Sounds like a great event. Is there any information on contribution levels? I assume this is a fundraiser?