When I was a student at Georgia State University I was elected as a Senator to Student Government. While the official highlight of my legislative career at that institution was the Bike Lane Bill, my greatest legislative victory in the Student Senate failed to get traction in the Faculty Senate and never was called to the floor for a vote. As I am sure it is obvious to all, I refer to my ill-fated attempt to change the nickname and mascot of Georgia State University from the Panthers to the Apathy.

My reasons were varied and persuasive: Panthers had not been seen in Downtown Atlanta since the late 80’s, “Apathetic” is a word, “Panthetic” is not. Think of the t-shirts we would have sold to hipsters. “Georgia State Apathy”. It has such a ring.

Well today, I officially withdraw my bill from consideration by the Georgia University Faculty Senate. Because today, fellow Panthers, IT IS ON.


10 Responses to Get It Panthers!

  1. Trevor Southerland says:

    I can’t wait until we have football at Kennesaw, then it’ll just be something else we’re better than GSU in.

  2. Brandon T says:

    I love the clip from the highlight video showing the receiver running a bad route, guarded by a defender with bad form, and a throw from the quarterback to the wrong shoulder. BOINK

    Can’t wait for that Bama game. Can I get a roll tide? Anyone?

    • Stefan says:

      Fearless Prediction: Panthers 72 Alabama 12

      • Chris says:

        72 sounds about right. Wait are we talking about career ending injuries?

        And before anyone jumps on me – Go GSU! Finally a football team I can root for instead of just secretly wishing other teams would lose.

  3. Stefan says:

    Oh please, do you know how awesome it would have been if we had become the apathy? So awesome. And regardless, it was passed by the student senate, and what the majority wants cannot be bad.

    • King Jerk says:

      Yeah. Student Senate. Really reflective of the majority will of the student body. My last year there was the first time in (fuck was I really there for nearly six years?) nearly six years with a spirited election.

      ~15% turnout.

  4. King Jerk says:

    I will talk to the Chancellor and whomever else will listen to see about revoking your degree. No one who belittles the alma mater that much deserves to retain all the privileges afforded by a degree from the institute.