I know you just threw up a little bit, but read this piece, and then tell me – who will be our Sarah Palin?

Here’s a tease:

Sure, the Grizzlies sound somewhat progressive on paper. But from their opposition to reproductive rights to their work against health care reform and labor policies that would empower American women, their ideas are just antiquated clichés dressed up in designer suits. Like Ms. Palin herself, their talk about being “mama bears” and “tough as an ox … wearing lipstick” simply reduces female candidates’ political prospects to maternal worth and sex appeal.

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9 Responses to Who Will Be Our Sarah?

  1. JMPrince says:

    I dunno. I say it’s a matter of taste. Will they look as idiotic like some zany cranked-up 40 something cheerleader in hooker go-go boots like Sarah? Perhaps not. But we’ve got plenty of great looking Democratic candidates, yes, even here in Ga. I say the reason we really can’t have one is the level of self awareness of your own limits that a typical Dem woman candidate must possess. Sensible looking does not cover the bases, really. It’s ambition that does. So perhaps we’re looking at the wrong end of the equation here too. ‘Going far’ however is a moot point. Federally, I think half the reason some of these ninnies are elected is that they ‘look cute’. And naturally, that’s got severe limitations as far as desirable outcomes are concerned. Seldom do they actually ‘align’ well with ‘cute’. But you’re right, for the moment most the action seems to be with the men and/or Rethugly women like Bachmann et al. And no one does the BatSh*t Crazy like them! JMP

  2. Sara says:

    We won’t ever see one. I have this theory that very attractive women can’t get elected as Democrats…idiot voters assume hot chicks with socially moderate or liberal political positions must be tramps or sleeping their way to the top. Palin et al. are insulated from such assumptions because they emphasize their right wing family values and intolerance.

    It’s a sad but true double standard. Sensible looking, intelligent women like Hillary Clinton, Claire McCaskill, etc. are the only ones who go far in this party. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Democratic women shouldn’t be penalized precisely because they were genetically blessed.

  3. Trevor Southerland says:

    As much as we tend to eat our young in this party, I just hope s/he hasn’t come and gone already.

    The last paragraph of the article is the most important part:

    “If Sarah Palin and her acolytes successfully redefine what it means to be a groundbreaking political woman, it will be because progressives let it happen — and in doing so, ensured that when it comes to making history, there will be no one but Mama Grizzlies to do the job.”

  4. JMPrince says:

    Close but no cigar. Clownish for sure, but never held elective office, and has shown some slight capacity for growth. And mere buffoons need not apply, we need star power here, obviously. JMP

  5. EGaluszka says:

    I thought Al Sharpton was our Sarah Palin.

  6. JMPrince says:

    Another jokster & hucksters from the ‘Independent Women’s Forum’ front of the 1990’s. Wanted: A button saying “Prove the Mayans Right, Dare to Elect Palin in 2012!’ But no, few want to be regarded as such & similarly. She’s Semi-Popular, yes, and for all the wrong reasons too. JMP