Here are are few great resources for campaign teams and candidates. Some of you rilly rilly need this information, and don’t have a moment to waste before using it.

Please leave your suggestions for other helpful resources in the comments.

Still lost in the sauce about a stump speech, read this, do what it says and seriously it will help you. The Citizens Agenda in Campaign Coverage from Press Think.

So, you want to go negative, read this first. The data isn’t super current but I think the breakdown is still relevant.

I sure hope your campaign is active on Facebook. If not get going! Great example is Carol Porter, she’s working the heckout of this FREE tool.

February 1, 2009.

Key Highlights

  • Facebook reporting nearly 45.3 million active US users in the last 30 days
  • Facebook growing in every age/gender demographic. Fastest growing segment: Women over 55, up 175.3% in the last 120 days.
  • Facebook growing faster with women than men in almost every age group. Women comprise 56.2% of Facebook’s audience, up from 54.3% late last year.
  • 45% of Facebook’s US audience is now 26 years old or older.

2 Responses to Resources that won’t cost you a cent.

  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for this Jules & Kathy! JMP

  2. Kathy Vaughn says:

    and if you have to use negatives….and special interests money is relevant….this is a great website. (check out Chambliss and Deal energy money!)