I just wanted to drop back to the front page to thank everyone for the support for Yasmin Neal in HD75.

Since this was posted yesterday, you have:

  • Raised $875 to help elect Yasmin
  • Friends have contributed staff, in-kind support and more
  • Other Democratic allies have come to the table to help

You’re great!! Now, we just need to finish the job, and elect the Democrat in this race. With four days to go, there’s no secret strategy here. We need:

  • Boots on the ground. Or maybe on the phone. If you can volunteer time to the campaign to make calls or help with GOTV over the weekend, Monday or Tuesday, please call the WIN office at 404-333-1655 or email Anna at abeck@georgiawinlist.com.
  • Copies. As in photocopies. By Sunday. We can pay for this, and we will if we need to, but if we don’t have to pay for this, then more phones, more field, etc….So, if you have a resource, are in metro, and would like to contribute an in-kind of a couple thousand black and white copies, call us.
  • Get the Word Out. There is one. One. One Democrat in this race, and her name is Yasmin Neal. James’ told me that his political leanings had not changed since he ran as a Republican last year. He told me that he “supports our President,” but then acknowledged that he didn’t bother to vote for him.

Let’s get this woman elected!

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One Response to Yasmin Update

  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for the update here Amy, that sounds encouraging. JMP