Try saying that ten times fast!

Over the summer Progressives have watched the extreme right wing, Tea Party and wing nuts ( not necessarily all the same people) grab a large amount of media space, political space and generally be in our space.  So it goes without saying that there were going to be people with the clout and the organization to plan an event in response to the “summer of our discontent”.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 2nd and it’s called the One Nation March. The center piece of this event is the march in DC, but there will be events held all over the country to energize and mobilize the progressive community.

You’ll be hearing more about this in the next couple days and weeks-but DC is lovely in the fall, and I’m making plans to be there, and yes I will be wearing the famous protest pants!

So what is this thing?

What is the One Nation March?

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, hundreds of thousands of people from across America will gather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate our re-commitment to change. The One Nation March will feature human and civil rights leaders, labor leaders, environmental and peace activists, faith leaders, celebrities and sports figures – all marching together to help Put America Back to Work and to Pull America Back Together. And to help reorder our national priorities so that investments in people come first.


2 Responses to 10-2-10

  1. dkistner1111 says:

    Does anyone need a rider from the Rome, GA, area to go up to D.C. for the March? I can help with gas and driving. The only times I’ve been to a D.C. march have been on a bus (which I would prefer because you go, do it, and come back without the expense of a hotel), but the bus I saw out of Atlanta was listed as already full. I could come to Atlanta if needed. Contact me privately, dkistner at ultradia dot org.

  2. BEZERKO says:

    We will be there! I predict that miracles will occur!