Will Avery, Dem candidate takes on his opponent, Paulette Braddock . Apparently Ms. Braddock wants to serve in the General Assembly based on her experience on the Paulding County School Board, but Will exposes the number of times she has missed votes and meetings. Braddock touts that she is a “Conservative Tea Party Patriot” – Braddock must think using the latest buzzwords will distract the voters from realizing that she only serves herself and is a bad steward of their tax dollars. By the way, Braddock also seems to carry the Georgia Republican trait of having ethic issues.

Chip in some coins to Will’s campaign. He’s working hard to bring some sanity and ethics to Paulding county (Paulding county is the home of Glenn “I do every female under the Gold Dome” Richardson).


3 Responses to Will Avery takes on his missing opponent

  1. Steve Golden says:

    Just to echo what JMP said, we are having a HUGE canvass day on October 2, with free food and t-shirts. Your help (as a smart and dedicated politico) will be greatly appreciated). Email me at stevenwilliamgolden (at) gmail.com if you would like to come out!

  2. MouthoftheSouth says:

    That’s a sweet chair, if she isn’t using, I will take it.

  3. JMPrince says:

    Thanks Bernita, Nicely done & it’s always good to be reminded that despite being as corrupt as they come, they’re also generally incompetent & irresponsible too. Which BTW? The Original Tea Party gang in 1773 was not. Avery’s email says they’re opening their HQ on Oct 2nd and will be needing volunteers for phone banking & canvassing too. Always very encouraged by Will & his campaign. JMP