The RGA is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on television advertising in Georgia, so you’d think that every word, every frame, every image was carefully chosen, not only the actual content but the the feelings and associations the images and words evoke.

Nevertheless, I’m sure they meant no harm in their latest creation when they  referenced an iron “fist” and thin “skin.” I mean, they waited ten full seconds before referencing “skin” for goodness sake, and there just aren’t all that many ways to say sensitive, touchy, tender, vulnerable, hyper-sensitive or easily hurt. We should just cut them a break.

And with that whole fist thing, I’m sure that they did not intend that viewers think of this:

Certainly not.

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7 Responses to Certainly Not

  1. JMPrince says:

    FWIW, Better information on ‘Obama’s Religion’ as appearing in the Religion News Service by Dick Staub. I got it reprinted in my local:–Christianity-101?instance=main_article


  2. PaulaG says:

    That’s funny. I thought they were talking about George W. Bush at first.

  3. What a strange, and bad, ad.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Oh BTW? They’re crooked cheats too:

    “AUSTIN, Texas — A judge has ordered the Republican Governors Association to pay $2 million to Texas’ 2006 Democratic gubernatorial nominee because of campaign finance violations.”


  5. Amy Morton says:

    Any my cynical-self thinks the rainbow colors are no accident – mean to symbolize weakness, probably feminism, “rainbow coalition” – who knows, but nothing they think will attract Georgia voters.

    I agree that the commercial is not great and is unlikely to move voters not already supporting Deal.

  6. EGaluszka says:

    Iron fist and thin skin are both common colloquialisms, and the Republicans’ messaging isn’t -that- good. Going after this for hidden connotations is almost as ridiculous as people claiming Rick Sanchez was malicious when he called Barack Obama the ‘cotton-picking president of the United States.’ You’re looking for things about which to be offended.

  7. JMPrince says:

    Wankers, all of ’em actually. Give to the good guys here or of course the home town DPG team or candidates of your choice. But I’ve been hearing their more vile radio ad for weeks now locally too. JMP