Any doubts that that WXIA poll was an outlier should be eliminated.

DGA just sent Roy another $1 mill. That means they’ve dropped $1.5 million in Georgia.

Emily Bittner, spokeswoman for the DGA, characterized the cash infusion as a show of faith in Barnes’ November chances. Bittner also referenced the AJC article that this morning outlined the precarious nature of Deal’s personal checkbook.

“[Deal’s] personal finances are in no shape for him to run the state’s finances,” Bittner said.

Will be interesting to see what the GOP spends here.

HAT TIP to: Justin G. via Facebook.


One Response to Cha-Ching!

  1. Cranky says:

    I just wish I knew more folks who are excited about voting for Roy. I don’t.

    I sent a few invites out for a Women for Roy event, and got one back that said.. “how about Roy for Women instead”, and frankly they have a point.

    I certainly hope that the Barnes campaign capitalizes and brings some of the other candidates along with him, he’ll be stronger with Carol Porter, Mary Squires and Georganna by his side.